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Chamber of Commerce Awards for Businesses

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The Chamber of Commerce in your local city is always a great resource whether you are a startup business or one that’s been in business for years. Networking opportunities, working with various charities, working with the local government even brings about various ways a business or business person can be recognized.

A beautiful plaque can be the perfect item to proudly display on any business owners wall. Chamber of Commerce typically has their own engraved plaques they give to new members for joining, however there are many opportunities to award someone a special plaque throughout the year such as awarding recipients for community involvement, business achievement awards and at galas during the year recognizing top businesses in many categories. By displaying these honors, customers can see some of your accomplishments proudly displayed and it may influence them to use your business more often.

Other plaques are given out for special recognition. If you are the business, recognizing employees for superior work, going above and beyond the call of duty, community service and many other situations that can serve as motivation for others, a beautiful custom plaque is the perfect .

At Presenta Plaque, we offer a variety of kits and plaques that can fit any budget or need. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, we can find something that works best for your circumstances and what you’re trying to achieve. Visit our gallery of plaques at: https://www.presentaplaque.com/products/

Plaques are Keys to Success for Dealerships

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When you walk into a car dealership, obviously, the first thing you notice is the bright, shiny cars. Once you get past them and pick out the one you want, the next step is usually heading into an office or somewhere in the showroom where you can talk about the price with the sales representative.

Whether in the showroom or a nearby office you’ll probably notice plaques displayed. Dealerships love to promote when they get an award for being #1 in sales, customer satisfaction and service. There’s a good chance you could be looking at these honors displayed in a Presenta Plaque.

Our plaques have a professional finish on them and are great for displaying not only awards but anything a car dealership wants to brag about to customers. Maybe it’s a special employee with an employee appreciation award or perhaps it’s a write-up in a local print/online publication. Of course, any licenses are also important to display.

Presenta Plaques makes the process easy. All you need to do is slide a certificate, article or license into the plaque and it’s pretty much ready to go. All you need is a small hammer.

As the owner or manager of a dealership, think about all of the places you can display Presenta Plaques. In each office, there should at least be several plaques for customers to look at. In a huge showroom, there are plenty of places to display plaques including the receptionist/customer service area.

The service and parts area is also a good place to display dealership awards, especially in the waiting room. What about the rental car office? You’ll want to display a Presenta Plaque in any prominent place you think a customer will be.

You could easily go through several boxes of Presenta Plaques. What are you waiting for? Order today!

Reasons to Give a Presenta Plaque

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Take a look around your office. Does it look a little bare? Maybe what’s missing is a Presenta Plaque. In fact, all offices look better with plaques hanging on the walls. It’s a good way to promote your achievements for others to see.

Presenta Plaques are also visually appealing. Picture a wall with nothing on it vs. a wall filled with plaques. Which do you think looks more impressive to clients or even business associates? Plaques are definitely a great decorating tool.

A Presenta Plaque is also a great start for a conversation. When visitors notice a plaque in your office with your achievements, it’ll create a good first impression. But many times it’ll prompt them to ask questions, starting a positive conversation.

Plaques are also a good way to establish credibility. Even though a client might have a good idea of your expertise and what you do, seeing your accomplishments hanging on a wall plaque can be even more impressive. A plaque showcasing your company also lends credibility.

A Presenta Plaque can also be a motivational tool for employees. Hanging plaques outside your office about the company’s success that also includes information about the contributions of employees, can be a real pick-me-up.

If nothing else, plaques are cheerful and can be a great reminder of your achievements, especially on days that are a little more challenging.









Honoring Employees with a Plaque

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Everyone wants to be recognized from time to time.  Whether it is a new business making a move into a community, perhaps it’s another business that does good towards others.  Whatever the case may be a recognition certificate is always nice to receive.

Recently two such groups received such recognition and they were given certificates by dignitaries that not only represent the city/town they are in but those who represent the region they reign from.  One of those was Local First Utah in Ogden, Utah.

Local First Utah is a non-profit organization that tries to strengthen communities and local economies by promoting, preserving and protecting local, independently owned businesses.  Local First knows how important it is to not only have commercial retailers, but mom and pop places as well.  Those mom and pop businesses can be seen as the backbone to the community and help to stimulate the local economy.

Recently the group was recognized before the Ogden city council in Ogden, Utah.  The group was recognized for their efforts at promoting local businesses, but the recognition had the goal of trying to encourage locals to shop local.

Now, this recognition could have just been done with a simple certificate to Local First Utah, but the city council and others took it a step further.  The certificate was also placed inside one of the Presenta Plaque plaque kits.  It not only preserves the certificate but it makes it easier to display and proudly show off for this group.  Although Local First Utah does a lot of their work without any type of recognition, it is nice for them to be celebrated for all that they do in this manner.

This was not the only time the city council there in Ogden used a Presenta Plaque kit to help recognize someone.  During another city council meeting one of our kits was used to house the certificate to recognize and honor the Honorary Mayor of Christmas Village and proclaim it Jo Packham Day.  The event and the addition of a plaque with the certificate declaring it a special day make for a memorable event for the person receiving  it, such as in the case of Jo Packham.

These gestures are not hard to accomplish and Presenta Plaque makes it so easy for people to do.  The kits come in stylish colors and types of materials.  They take the certificates and upgrade them into a whole new level.  Those receiving the awards or recognitions are already touched by the gesture, it just brings it up a notch for them.  So if you are getting ready to give someone a special ‘thank you’ perhaps upgrading it with a Presenta Plaque kit is the way to go.

Holiday Crafts Worth Framing in a Plaque

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Tis the season for giving gifts, so why not make some of those gifts not only memorable but something that can be enjoyed for years to come.  Making it a gift that can double as a holiday décor from here on out.  Here are some ideas to consider.

The kiddos are either already home for winter break or are getting ready to be on winter break.  A lot of them are looking for things to do, so why not give them a few projects that will not only occupy their mind some, but keep them out of trouble as well.

Holiday cards are a fun and easy project for most little ones to get involved with.  Children of any age can spend hours creating these treats to either give away or perhaps they can create an image that represents the holidays to them.  This is a fantastic opportunity for children to explore their creative side and imagination.

If your child isn’t particularly artistic maybe stickers are the way to go for them.  Go with them to the craft store and let them pick out stickers that speak to them in some manner.  Stickers of their favorite characters are available and there are also stickers that represent different aspects of the holidays.  Let them take these stickers and tell a story on paper.  They can finish off the image by coloring around it and adding to the overall look.  Once again this image can be used as the front of a card to either a parent or grandparent or it can just be a holiday image they want to create for fun.

Perhaps your child is a little more artistic.  Drawing a picture can be fun and entertaining for them.  They can color those images and add glitter to them and really make it sparkle and shine.  There are crayons and markers available that can easily be cleaned up and corrected in case the project gets a little out of hand.  By sitting your child down with these tools you are inviting them to not only have hours of fun but to keep their minds stimulated as well.

This is also the time of year where you may take a lot of photos.  Why not make them into a collage that you can display for years to come.  Those same stickers you were using earlier make a GREAT way to attach the photos to a larger piece of paper for display purposes.  By writing the year on the collage you can look back for years to come and see and remember those special times.

Once these projects are complete you’re going to want to display them.  Presenta Plaque has  perfect ways to not only display them but preserve them as well.  Our plaque kits are stylish and easy to put together.  Just imagine being able to slip these projects right in and they are ready to show off in not only your home but your office as well.  The plaque kits come in a variety of styles and colors which make them pretty to look at.  You can store them away with your other holiday décor and proudly display them every year. 

So the next time your child says they are bored.  Share these ideas with them and grab one of our plaque kits and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Beginning Your Plaque Order

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Once you’ve decided it’s time to place your plaque order with Presenta Plaque, the process is easy. There are various ways to place your order and let us know exactly what you want and make sure the deserving individual you’re awarding a plaque to receives exactly what they deserve.


Depending on if you’re a new or returning customer with an existing account at Presenta Plaque, this easy guide can help you get started and get your order rolling and right to your front door.


If you’re a new customer:


Ordering by Phone

If you’re a new customer and need some guidance in the ordering process, you do not have access to a computer, or would simply prefer to speak to a person on the phone, we encourage you to call and place your order at 1-800-824-2930. Here, you will be able to speak to a Presenta Plaque team member who will be able to help you order exactly what you need and assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.


Visit Our Website

If you’d like to get a better look at our plaques, the best place to learn more about them is online on our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com. Our website features galleries, plaque descriptions and plenty of ideas for awarding the perfect plaque.


On our website, you can also begin our easy five-step ordering process so you can get your order placed and on its way to you in no time. Just visit www.PresentaPlaque.com/ordering-process to begin your order.


If you’re a returning customer with an account:


Faxing Your Order

First and foremost, welcome back! We’re excited you we’re pleased with our plaques enough to return. If you’re faxing your order, please send us your purchase order at 480-966-2480, and don’t forget to write very legibly so we can get your order just right. We’ll be on the lookout!


Emailing Your Order

If you’ll be sending us your order by email and have already browsed through our products to select the plaque that is perfect for whoever you’re awarding, please attach your purchase order to an email and send to customerservice@presentaplaque.com.


All orders will be sent the next day, so you’ll be seeing us very soon!


For more information on Presenta Plaque or to get your order started, you can visit our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com or give us a call at our office at 1-800-824-2930.



Plaque Awards For Small Businesses

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When was the last time you were recognized for an accomplishment?  Or maybe there is something that you’re proud of that you want to display for others to see.   That’s where plaques can come in quite handy.

Plaques are a nice way to acknowledge the accomplishments of not only the company as a whole, but your individual employees as well.  Starting with maybe an accolade in a newspaper or magazine.  You can clip that piece out and make a plaque with it to proudly display.  Or perhaps  you want to proudly display the first dollar you made in this business.   By displaying these accolades potential customers can see some of your accomplishments and it may influence them to use your business more often.

Whether or not you have 5 or 50 employees, people love to be recognized for their work.  There are lots of reasons to recognize employees, starting with attendance.  There are some people that never seem to get sick so why not recognize them for this.  Start handing out plaques for those who maybe have never called out sick that month.  Why not recognize those who are always early or on time and then stay late to help out.  Those plaques are a simple cost to you the employer, but for those on the receiving end it is invaluable.  That simple token of kindness on your behalf will have those employees not only excited to go to work, but they will be excited to continue to please.  There can be a plaque given to the individual worker and a larger one on display for the entire office to see.

Another type of plaque could be one of simple recognition.  Maybe you have an employee that constantly goes above and beyond.  Perhaps they loaned a helping hand to someone on a project.  Maybe they came up with a new idea to do something.  Or perhaps they found a safety or health violation and did something to not only correct it, but make sure it doesn’t happen again.   The recognition they receive for this type of work could serve as motivation for others.  We are talking about an employer  spending very little for these types of recognitions, but the rewards can be plentiful.

At Presenta Plaque, we have kits and plaques that can suit any budget or need.  We can point you in the direction that would work best for what you’re trying to achieve and design something that works best for you and what you’re trying to accomplish.  It may come across as a simple act for you to put this together, but in the long run you the employer can only benefit.  Show those who work for you just how much you appreciate what they do, but exactly how much you care.

Volunteer Ideas for Teens

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It’s not uncommon for schools and other organizations to ask teens to volunteer their time for credit or to fulfill requirements. Many schools require this as a means to instill a sense of community and pride in students. But in times when kids are more dependent on technology than each other, opportunities like these that keep them away from their phones can leave them feeling as though volunteering is more of chore than a helping hand.

So how do you get kids to part ways with their electronics for a few hours and join their community’s volunteer movement? There are many ways to make volunteering more enjoyable and often all it takes is a little research to find the right activity for one’s interest.

1. Volunteer with Animals—one of the coolest things about the youth in every community is their passion and love for animals. Imagine the difference that could be made for animals if kids volunteered to help real cats as often as they watch cat videos!

2. Volunteer at a Farm—at first site this may not exactly sound glamorous, but there are many types of farms aside from animal farms such as crop farms. Places likes these can be a great place for teens to learn about agriculture and maybe even develop a bit of a green thumb!

3. Mentor—this can be an awesome way to teach students about being a role model. While lots of kids have younger siblings they try to be an example for, many don’t and this can be the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand to a child who needs it.

4. Answer a Needy Child’s Letter to Santa—malls all over the country offer shoppers the opportunity to answer to a child’s wish list. This is a quick way to brighten a child’s day. Though they more than likely won’t be able to catch that magical moment in person, it’s definitely wonderful to know some child somewhere is having a merrier Christmas thanks to them.

5. Start Your Own Project—volunteering with an existing organization doesn’t always seem appealing to an entrepreneurial mind. Though it may not be for every young adult, teens today have the power to start organizations they believe in thanks to the power of social media—who knew?



8 Post-Season Awards for Your Youth Sports Team

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Youth sports for many children is the first experience of team-work and responsibility on a personal level. In many ways, these moments spent practicing and playing are the building blocks for future attitudes and values. The importance of hard-work and camaraderie are stressed at a time where most children lack the platform to grow and learn in a similar way. Not only are youth sports a tremendous fundamental tool for maturity, but they’re also some of the most enjoyable times your child will experience. Coming together with a group of friends to achieve victory is a fantastic feeling but when the season comes to an end you want to recognize each player’s achievements to further boost confidence. Presenta Plaque’s plaques are perfect for post-season awards that cap off your teams time spent, while recognizing the individual excellence of your players.

Hardest Hit: This one is more specific for contact sports like football and hockey, but the meaning of the award is huge. For many young boys there is few better feelings than being known as the bruiser among their peers.

Team-Spirit: The importance of having players that buy into the direction of the team cannot be understated. Often there are one or two players that emerge as the most spirited and deserve recognition for it. Furthermore, giving an award for those exhibiting qualities of spirit and positivity will encourage future players to do the same.

Dirtiest Uniform: Grit and toughness are huge strengths to a team and one of the images associated with these qualities are a dirty uniform. The Dirtiest Uniform signifies the player who was willing to slide into first base or dive for the interception in the end zone.

Play of the Year: Many teams are marked by a standout play that either turned their season around or cemented its success. Whether it was a game winning Hail Mary or a 9th inning grand slam, this award recognizes the play that was instrumental to your team’s ultimate success.

Best Offensive Player: Scoring points is the sole difference between victory and defeat, which is why showcasing the players that contributed the most offensively is important.

Best Defensive Player: “Defense win’s championships.” We’ve heard this countless times but it remains true. The player with the most blocks, tackles, or putouts/assists is a huge attribute to a winning team.

Most Improved Player: While youth sports are very concerned with winning, the goal of the team and its coaches should be to promote improvement. At the end of the day, players will move on to High School and continue playing their respective sports which is why development is crucial.

Rookie of the Year: For many children, youth sports are an introduction to competition. On any given year you may have a dozen or more first time players and recognizing the most productive first year player can be a huge confidence boost.



Thanking Community Heroes with Plaques

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At a very young age we learn that our community heroes are often doctors, police officers, firefighters, and teachers. During our elementary school years, the most we learn about these heroes is their occupation, not necessarily how to thank them. Sure at the end of the day these heroes know that they did their job right and successfully, but it would mean so much more to them when gratitude is expressed back from the community. Here are a few ideas that can extend beyond a “thank you” for our community heroes.

Thank You Cards: Even though this is a simple gesture, this can go a long way as far as gratitude goes. Not only is a simple “thank you” card a great gesture, but it is a great opportunity to write your own personal message on the card.

Monthly Community Potluck: Even though this is usually a gathering of friends and family, a potluck at a neighborhood park for the community heroes can express immense gratitude. This is also a perfect opportunity to thank them graciously in person.

Give Them a Plaque: Giving a community hero a plaque is one of the most immense gestures they can ever receive. It is a sentimental reward that community heroes can hang up in their office as a daily reminder of the community’s gratitude.

Career Day: Career Day at elementary schools is a day reserved for doctors, firefighters and police officers alike to talk about their careers to young children. At the end of their session, they are usually followed by a “thank you” from the teachers and students, but why not extend that “thank you” by giving them desserts and thank you cards?

Thank You at Encounters: If you encounter a community hero outside of their work, make sure you take the time out to extend that thank you!

Make a Facebook Page: A good and unique way to reward community heroes is to start a Facebook group exclusively for community heroes where people can post their gratitude or share their stories with community heroes. This is a great way to give community heroes something to smile about every time they log in!

Have a Fundraiser Event: When planning a next fundraiser event, consider fire and police charities!


Besides this list of options, there is still so much more you can do to extend your gratitude to community heroes, just try to go beyond a “thank you”! Make a community hero’s day brighter.