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Government Officials Give Presenta Plaques to say Thanks!

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Elected officials are recognizing the importance of giving plagues to their constituents. The plague might be as a thank you for volunteer work or for honoring a job well done in the community.

Recently Pennsylvania Senator Mario Scavello showed his appreciation to the many people he serves.  Scavello used a Presenta Plaque to congratulate the Savage Wolves CrossFit on the recent grand opening of their new facility.

At another grand opening, Senator Scavello congratulated the TCC/The Cellular Connection with a Presenta Plaque to send best wishes for success.

In Dumas, Texas, Police Chief Nelson presented Officer Heathington with a Presenta Plaque to recognize her lifesaving efforts for saving the life of a citizen.

A Presenta Plaque was also used by the Champaign, Illinois Police Department to frame the Oath of Office taken by a police officer.

The City of North Miami Beach honored a couple of their employees with a special recognition plaque.

The list goes on and on. Whatever the occasion, a plaque from our company is a great way to show the appreciation an employee or citizen of a community deserves.

Why Plaques are Great for Rewards and Recognition

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Remember when you were a child and made your parents a drawing?  When we did those things our parents many times proudly displayed this accomplishment on the refrigerator door.  Now fast-forward 20 plus years and we are celebrating another accomplishment.  Why than as adults are we afraid to proudly display that?  Here at Presenta Plaque we say be proud and let us help you show everyone around you what you did.

Some accomplishments that are plaque worthy can include a special award from work, maybe you made an appearance in the local paper, perhaps your child’s team scored big in the Friday night game, whatever it is be proud and show it off.

Some people fear a plaque may come across as gloating, but why think that way?  Plaques can add visual appeal to a room.  Who wants to sit in a room with plain white walls.  Plaques can give you and your guests something to look at.  It can give people a focal point to look at instead feeling the need to stare at you the whole time.  It can take boring to inviting.

Plaques can also be a conversation starter.  Sometimes when there is an ice breaker needed during an interview a plaque that is showing off something can give you something to talk about.  If you are talking about your company’s achievements than a plaque can help you do so.  For the person who’s office you are sitting in, having a plaque there puts them in a position of power and in a comfort zone in front of the guest.

Plaques can also help to establish credibility for not only you but the organization you work for.  Not every potential client will believe what you say you and your company have accomplished, by having a plaque there listing accomplishments it helps substantiate the achievement.  This can be especially vital when you have a piece displayed from an organization vital to your industry.

Plaques can also serve as a motivator.  Employees like to be recognized in front of their peers.  By displaying the accomplishments of employees on a plaque you give people something to strive for.  The same thing can be done for employee achievements from outside the office.  Why not give recognition to employees other accomplishments.  It can be a display put together in a breakroom setting and gives people something to talk about and acknowledge.

Finally, plaques just simply cheer you up.  When you are having a bad day what is better than a simple reminder of a happier time.  It can also serve as a personal motivator for yourself.  It is a reminder of something that you achieved and can be obtained once again.  It reminds you that you have achieved something special and should and deserve to be proud of it.

Presenta Plaque makes displaying these achievements simple and easy.  Our kits make putting it together simple and they are designed to look great on display on either a wall or shelf.  So the next time you’re given a special recognition, remember, Presenta Plaque has you covered.

Presenta Plaque Kit Used by Racine Police Department

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Recently the Racine Police Department in Wisconsin honored one of their own.  For more than 20 years Brent Hutchinson was not only an officer for the department, but for the better part of that time he was an investigator for them.

This year Investigator Hutchinson retired following 24 years of service for that community.  As you can imagine his fellow officers wanted to honor him the best way possible.  Not only did they throw a celebration for him in his honor, but they presented him a plaque to recognize his service.  A plaque he can proudly display wherever he chooses.  This plaque will be a constant reminder of not only his service, but that moment of recognition and the love and respect his co-workers had for him.

The plaque used for this event was one supplied from right here at Presenta Plaque.  Our kits are easy to assemble and can really make a statement for someone.  That statement can work in both ways, meaning the plaques look good for those giving the recognition away and make for a lovely gift for the person receiving it.

The kits put the certificate, or whatever you choose, inside a beautiful enclosure.  Those enclosures can be in a lovely wood grain or a marble looking finish.  The type you choose will be determined by the look you are trying to achieve.  The marble appearance may feel , for some, to be a little more substantial, while others would prefer that would grain look and feel.  The black marble on the other hand would go with most motif’s while the wood could potentially clash depending on where it is placed.

Once again the frames themselves are just left up to personal preference.  What makes this a nice gift is that those who are purchasing one of these kits will have a little bit of room to decide what to place inside.  For a situation like this retirement, a certificate would make the best presentation for the recipient.  The certificate can talk about the appreciation the organization has for the individual all while recognizing their service.

For a more personal or individualized form of recognition perhaps folks can sign or create personal messages.  These can also be displayed nicely in one of our plaque kits.  The goal here is to make the person feel special and that their work was not only acknowledged but appreciated.  These kits are the easiest way to do so.

Whether you are planning a retirement celebration, employee of the month or an attendance recognition let Presenta Plaque be your go to place to recognize someone.  Check out all of our kit options and find the one that suits you the best.  Say it with class with a Presenta Plaque.


Why Choose Presenta Plaque for Bulk Plaques

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For all your plaque award needs, Presenta Plaque is the way to go. Since the opportunities to award plaques don’t come often, it’s easy to get lost and confused trying to find a plaque dealer can be a bit confusing without any real point of reference. If you’ve been left in charge of ordering one or several plaques for an individual or team, consider ordering from one of the most trusted plaque dealers in the Valley and nationwide for decades.


So besides their years of experience, what makes Presenta Plaque the best choice when it comes to ordering plaques?


Easy to Assemble

Presenta Plaques are made to be assembled easily yet maintain the beautiful classic look of a custom-made plaque. We believe that just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. We find beauty in the classic simplicity of a well-crafted wooden plaque.


Classic Look

Customers can choose from the same beautifully classic displays they’d expect. From black marble to walnut, there’s no doubt each of these makes a proud display for your greatest achievements.


Wholesale Pricing

Whether you’re buying 1 plaque or 100, Presenta Plaque doesn’t expect its loyal customers to pay ridiculous retail pricing for a product we love and stand behind. We believe in fair pricing for great products and that’s just what we provide.


Ships the Next Day

We make shipping easier than ever with our next-day shipping policy for all orders placed so you won’t have to wait longer than you need to and you can have your plaques in a jiff if you’re in a rush. We also make it easy to re-order if you decide you need to place another order with Presenta Plaque!


Save When Ordering Over Certain Quantity

We want you to have your plaques and if you’re ordering in large quantities, we don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of our customers. If you’re ordering from us, we want you to know we appreciate your business and want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your order!


We’re a Veteran Owned Small Business

We’re proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business in the Valley! As veteran-owned business, we take great pride in providing the best quality products for customers and supporting one another to ensure that veteran businesses thrive within our communities.

Beginning Your Plaque Order

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Once you’ve decided it’s time to place your plaque order with Presenta Plaque, the process is easy. There are various ways to place your order and let us know exactly what you want and make sure the deserving individual you’re awarding a plaque to receives exactly what they deserve.


Depending on if you’re a new or returning customer with an existing account at Presenta Plaque, this easy guide can help you get started and get your order rolling and right to your front door.


If you’re a new customer:


Ordering by Phone

If you’re a new customer and need some guidance in the ordering process, you do not have access to a computer, or would simply prefer to speak to a person on the phone, we encourage you to call and place your order at 1-800-824-2930. Here, you will be able to speak to a Presenta Plaque team member who will be able to help you order exactly what you need and assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.


Visit Our Website

If you’d like to get a better look at our plaques, the best place to learn more about them is online on our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com. Our website features galleries, plaque descriptions and plenty of ideas for awarding the perfect plaque.


On our website, you can also begin our easy five-step ordering process so you can get your order placed and on its way to you in no time. Just visit www.PresentaPlaque.com/ordering-process to begin your order.


If you’re a returning customer with an account:


Faxing Your Order

First and foremost, welcome back! We’re excited you we’re pleased with our plaques enough to return. If you’re faxing your order, please send us your purchase order at 480-966-2480, and don’t forget to write very legibly so we can get your order just right. We’ll be on the lookout!


Emailing Your Order

If you’ll be sending us your order by email and have already browsed through our products to select the plaque that is perfect for whoever you’re awarding, please attach your purchase order to an email and send to customerservice@presentaplaque.com.


All orders will be sent the next day, so you’ll be seeing us very soon!


For more information on Presenta Plaque or to get your order started, you can visit our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com or give us a call at our office at 1-800-824-2930.



Become a Veteran Owned Business Like Presenta Plaque

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Presenta Plaque is known for turning paper certificates into a customized plaque that you will be proud of. There are many reasons why people are satisfied with Presenta Plaque whether its the convenience of pre-assembled pocket plaques or the cost savings of plaque kits, wholesale pricing, or the fact that we ship to all 50 states and internationally, We also have a discount for GSA customers.

However, did you know that Presenta Plaque is a veteran owned small business? Having a veteran owned business simply means that The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has special authority for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business/Veteran-Owned Small (SDVOSB/VOSB). Do you think your small business should be verified as a VOSB? Here are a few things to keep in mind and some helpful tools to when it comes to the verification process.

What Companies Should Know before Applying for Verification: Getting verified is not a simple process, but rather a long one. There were approximately 58 percent of applications that were denied in 2012 due to misunderstandings of 38 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR). If you want your verification process to go smoothly, keep in mind to fully understand CFR!

Verification Self-Assessment Tool: Taking a verification self-assessment tool will give you the opportunity to freely navigate the verification process while simultaneously gaining knowledge about the requirements! Take the opportunity to take advantage of the self-assessment before taking the verification test.

Verification Counseling Program: If you would rather not prepare yourself by taking the self-assessment tool, you can always refer to The Verification Counseling Program! The program was designed to provide training and assistance for those who are interested in going through the verification process for their business.  

How to Apply for Verification: Do your research and learn how to request verification of your firm. Keep in mind to also research the laws and regulations that govern the Veterans First Contracting Program.

At the end of the day, it is crucial to do your substantial research when it comes to getting your small business verified, as it can be a long, complicated process if not done right. 

10 Ways to Reduce Stress before a Presentation

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Ah the dreaded presentation. Most of us have been there. Whether it’s been in school or at work, a lot of us know the feeling of anxiety that comes in the hours that precede a big presentation or speech. It seems as though no matter how many times we present, the hours leading up to it can be nerve-racking and uncomfortable.

But like many other instances in life, the key is preparation. So how does one get to the point where presenting becomes as easygoing as anything else?

1. Check your energy: Start off the day with some exercise. Remember a lot of the anxiety you may feel before a presentation is due to adrenaline and there’s nothing like exercise to give you the calming effect you need before your turn to present.

2. Tell a friend about it: Reciting your presentation in front of a friend can be a great way to ensure you can explain it to someone other than just yourself.

3. Practice deep breathing: Never underestimate the calming power of a deep breath. Close your eyes and practice slow, deep breaths. There’s a reason the yogis do it!

4. Eat your breakfast: The last thing you want to worry about when you’re in front of everyone is how much grumbling your stomach is doing. You want to avoid and upset stomach at all costs and the best thing to do so is to eat well-balanced meals the day of.

5. Stretch: According to research, stretching releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Nothing like a good yawn and stretch to ease the nerves!

6.  Hang with your pet: Pets can significantly reduce the amount of stress in our daily lives. Plus they’ll be home and ready to cuddle no matter what the outcome of your presentation is.

7. Laugh: They say laughter is the best medicine and they aren’t wrong. Crack some jokes with friends or watch some funny videos. It’s almost guaranteed to lift some of the stress.


8. Get to know your subject: No, it doesn’t mean memorize sentences to recite. Really get to know the material you’re speaking about inside and out.


9. Bring out the Mozart: Or Beethoven, whatever you prefer. Research has shown that classical music is an excellent way to calm nerves and reduce anxiety before stressful events.


10. Remember it will soon be over: A lot of the stress that comes with big presentations and speeches stems from the inability to see past the next hour or so. Once you’ve prepared as much as possible, all you can do is try your very best and look forward to it being over!

Say Thank You With a Plaque, Not Just a Card, This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time of year when the message of gratitude and appreciation is all around us. We often find ourselves spending more time with family, making more phone calls and sending out holiday cards to out-of-state relatives.

With school, work and the responsibilities that come with having a family, the opportunity to give thanks to those around us often passes us by. Holidays are a wonderful time of the year because they remind us to be grateful for what we have and appreciate our loved ones year-round.

There are many ways to give thanks this holiday season. Cards are among the most common approaches but, meaningful as they may be, they usually end up stashed in a drawer in the following months. This year, why not give a gift that is not only more permanent, but memorable?

Plaques for the family could be a fun way to show your appreciation without exhausting the old card tradition. Loved ones could receive a permanent, meaningful gift that could serve as a thoughtful reminder that they are appreciated.

Who are some people that would appreciate a plaque?

  • Mom & Dad: Parents do a lot of little things that often seem to go unnoticed. Whether it’s packing your lunch, fixing a backed up toilet or just lending their ear to you, a plaque that tells parents just what you’re thankful for. This is a great way to remind parents you really appreciate them.
  • Grandparents: Most gifts meant for grandparents come pre-labeled with something like “World’s Best Grandma/Grandpa”, but why not get a little more personal with it? Adding anything from “World’s Best Sweater Knitter” to “Meanest Apple Pie in North Dakota” is sure to make grandparents smile.
  • Best friends: A plaque is a great and personal way to show how much you truly care for a friend. Presenta Plaque makes it easy to buy a plaque and fill it with what is sure to bring about some laughs or even tears.

Presenta Plaque was built on the philosophy of appreciation and recognition. We like to encourage our customers to show their gratitude to others in their life as often as possible whether that be with a simple thank you or a plaque that can remind them for a lifetime. Give your thanks during this holiday season, but remember the rest of the year counts too!

How Employers Can Provide Incentives for Employees

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Managers have the opportunity every day to provide little incentives for employees. Thanking people for their extra effort, asking how they spent their weekend, etc, helps show that you, the supervisor, care and have interest in the individual. While these words don’t cost any money, they do go a long way in helping employees gain a positive sense of the work place.

But, if you’re an employer looking to create an incentive program that is successful and builds trust with employees, specific reward and recognition activities should be established. One of the most important features of a rewards program is that it must be transparent. Problems can arise with employees if recognition:

  • Is not carefully outlined with employees
  • Appears to only recognize favored employees
  • Seems arbitrary

If this happens in your company, you risk demoralizing or alienating employees.

In order to use incentives successfully, we suggest employers:

  • Make sure that all employees understand the company’s objectives in offering incentives
  • Clearly outline and communicate the criteria for obtaining the incentives
  • Provide examples of how others have successfully met the criteria so employees understand clearly what they need to do
  • Give employees a timeline for accomplishing the expectations
  • Reward every employee who achieves the expectations
  • Explain to the employees who meet the expectations exactly why their efforts made them eligible to receive the incentive
  • In addition to providing the incentive, write a letter to employees to thanks them for their contributions
  • Announce recipients of incentives to other employees, personally thanking each for his/her efforts

Incentives can help employers reinforce the kinds of actions and contributions that will help the business succeed. Used correctly, incentives help build employee

  • Motivation
  • Engagement
  • Morale

Awarded appropriately, an employer can’t go wrong with incentives for performance and recognition.


Affordable Plaques for Everyone

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Got a call from an old friend today, we’ll call him Ed. Quite a bit of time has passed from our Air Force days, but he remembered I was in the Plaque business. As the president of his local Rotary Club, he wanted to start a recognition program. The program would involve the club recognizing local students in the areas of leadership and academic achievement. He wanted to print his own certificates, but didn’t want to look cheap by handing a hard working student a piece of paper. Smart guy.

Ed obviously had spent some time on our website, because he was very familiar with our products. He said “I’d like to save some money and I have the time, so I’m interested in your do-it-yourself plaque kits, we call them “Original Presenta Plaques Kits”. Ed’s always been a handy guy, so I know he could assemble our kits with his eyes closed. (if he ever had any questions he could always watch our you tube video on how to assemble Presenta Plaque kits)

Ed didn’t need individual boxes for the finished plaques so he ordered our bulk kits; in other words don’t pay for the boxes if you don’t need them. He chose our most popular color, walnut; in our most popular size that holds an 8 ½ by 11 inch certificate. He even had the part number, PWB811.

The Rotary Club awards will be given out monthly, so a case of 13 will last him a year. Ed and his Rotary Club are very much our typical customer who calls us once a year when their box of plaques are running low.  He knows that if he ever doesn’t have the time to assemble kits, or is giving out a large quantity of awards that he has the option of ordering our Pocket Plaques, with pre-assembled “slip in” convenience. Remember that the Pocket Plaques all come with an individual box to protect them during shipping.

So whether its Rotary Club Awards, Knights of Columbus Awards or Moose Club Awards, Presenta Plaque can provide you with an affordable do-it-yourself professional recognition tool.

Contact us today at 800-824-2390 to turn your paper certificate into a distinctive, and commemorative plaque.