Plaques are a Great Way to Go for Student Organizations!

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We’re a Tempe, AZ business practically in the backyard of Arizona State University. Whether it’s ASU or another top university or college in the country, there are always student clubs. Most like to honor or recognize those individuals at the end of a semester who’ve worked tirelessly on organizing events and fundraising activities.

Giving those star individuals a Presenta Plaque is a great and inexpensive way to show your appreciation! Even if you just need a few now, it’s easier to order a box since you know you’ll be needing them for many semesters down-the-road. 

ASU alone has over 1,000 student organizations on each of the four campuses, allowing all students to become involved. Many of these groups are involved in Homecoming, concerts, special events, community service and conferences.

Some of the more popular student clubs include the Outdoors Club, Sports Club and Dance Club. There’s even a club for Harry Potter fans and groups for geeks and nerds such as the eSports Association, Sci-Fan and the Cos Club.

These organizations don’t even include sororities or fraternities. If you head up one of these groups, you’ll definitely need a plaque to honor members who’ve exceeded expectations.

A Presenta Plaque gives you a chance to be creative with the wording on the certificate. Have fun with it! It’ll be a plaque that students will cherish for years!

Order your box today!

Restaurants Find Many Uses for Our Plaques!

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When you walk into a restaurant, what’s the first thing you see? You might notice the decor or maybe paintings on the wall, plants, hostess stand, bar, and so on. If it’s a fast food restaurant, your eyes probably immediately go to the menu board.

You might also observe plaques on the wall. Restaurants always like to brag about a write-up in the local paper. A plaque is a classy way to display the article.

When food inspectors visit restaurants, they typically hand out certificates for perfect or near perfect scores. Why not show-off all the hard work of your staff and display the certificate in a Presenta Plaque for customers to see?

While these are just a couple of reasons on why you should order plaques, keep in mind, there are plenty of other uses for them at a restaurant. When an employee goes the extra mile, what a great way to recognize all of their hard work than with a plaque? If you haven’t already done so, you could start an “Employee of the Month” program, giving a plaque out each time to the winner. Recognizing managers for a job well done is also another great idea for a Presenta Plaque.

In addition to presenting plaques to employees, make duplicate plaques so you can prominently display them for customers. It’ll send a strong message you care about your staff. You could even do a customer appreciation day where you offer discounts, displayed on a plaque at the front, or recognize loyal customers by presenting them with a plaque.

As you can see, there are so many uses for Presenta Plaques at restaurants. Order at least a box or two today! You’ll quickly be going through them.

Presenta Plaques Great for Churches and Other Places of Worship

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You never know when a box of Presenta Plaques can come in handy.

It doesn’t matter the religion, you’re always going to have volunteers and staff members who go the extra mile to serve. Many times, budgets are tight but you still want to show your appreciation to those who help on a regular basis. What better way to show your gratitude than with a Presenta Plaque?

On the other hand, as part of the congregation, you might want to do something nice for a person in charge whether it’s the minister, priest, rabbi, or someone else on the administrative staff.

Of course, there’s always going to be special occasions such as the birth of a new baby or baby dedications, anniversaries, or retirements. A plaque is a nice way to mark the special day!

Birthdays are another great reason to give plaques. It doesn’t matter how big your congregation is, our plaques are relatively inexpensive so you can afford to give one to everybody.

Wedding gifts can be expensive but the next time a special couple gets married in your gathering place, why not give them a Presenta Plaque with their wedding information?

Giving a plaque to a child for a job well done is also a nice reward and incentive to keep up the good work.

What about those who are moving away? A Presenta Plaque is something they’ll always cherish.

Order now! You might find yourself with an occasion to give a plaque very soon!

Show Volunteers You Appreciate Them with a Presenta Plaque!

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Whether you run a non-profit organization or have volunteers’ at your business, a Presenta Plaque is always a great way to show your appreciation!

Many times, charity leaders don’t have the money to properly show how much they appreciate their volunteers through a monetary gift. Other times, you want to thank an individual on-the-spot. By ordering a box of Presents Plaques, you’ll always have one on hand to give to that special volunteer who goes the extra mile!

Thanking volunteers is not only good manners but a great way to build relationships. Recognizing these individuals with a plaque could prompt them to continue volunteering or maybe donate to your cause. When their friends and family members see their Presenta Plaque, it could also encourage them to get involved with your cause and volunteer and/or donate.

Research shows that personalization is best. When you slip that paper recognition into a Presenta Plaque, it should have a personalized message, preferably from someone of significance in the organization. It shows you’ve taken the time and given thought into the wording, as well as makes it apparent that you know exactly the contributions of the volunteer.

Many volunteers/donors also don’t want much money spent on them. By giving them an expensive gift or even a gift card, that could make many feel uncomfortable. A plaque is an inexpensive way of showing your gratitude.

Giving plaques to all volunteers shows that you’re being fair and not giving one person more than another. Plaques show you’re treating all volunteers equally!

What are you waiting for? Order your box of Presents Plaques now for your charitable organization.

Business Owners Should Always have Plaques Ready to Give Out

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Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, or other top-level executives, you never know when the occasion could present itself to give out a Presenta Plaque.

Maybe it’s to recognize a job well done by an employee. A plaque is also a great way to recognize anniversary dates or even an employee of the month. Plaques are definitely great morale boosters. You can also use a Presenta Plaque to recognize those with new job titles.

Maybe you’re having a grand opening of a new building or maybe even a new area within your current office. Why not give your business or office some recognition with a neat plaque commemorating the opening date? Put the plaque at the entrance so everyone can see it walking in.

Do you have a historical building or landmark? Or is there something historic in your office from a previous company or ownership? Maybe an old photo? Displaying a Presenta Plaque is a great way to draw attention to the landmark or item on display.

In addition to historical displays, a plaque is a nice way to remember an employee who has passed on. A Presenta Plaque can be used to dedicate a bench, tree or some other place that might have been special to that person.

These are just a few suggestions on why, as an employer, you should keep a box full of plaques on hand. Of course, it doesn’t take us long to ship plaques in case you run out.

Everyone Loves a Presenta Plaque — Even the White House!

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When you think of plaques, you might think of using it for a graduation certificate or an award you’re presenting to someone. But there are so many other great uses for a Presenta Plaque. Even the White House finds unique ways of using Presents Plaques. “They’re frequent customers, I talk to them a little,” said General Manager Maurice Fitzgerald.

“My customer list is probably the most varied and diverse group that you’ll ever see. Everything from large federal agencies to the Department of Defense, some of the embassies overseas, secret service, the Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement (ICE) training in Georgia, they buy a lot of plaques from me.” added Maurice.

“So, everything from them down to the smallest little town you can find and their chamber of commerce who buys one box from me every five years and everything in-between.”  That includes schools, police departments, fire departments, colleges, and non-profit organizations such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Cancer Society.

Most of Maurice’s orders are from people giving them out. “Most of them are organizations that want to recognize people but realize they can’t spend a fortune but they want to make an impression,” said Maurice. “And when you hand someone a piece of paper, it’s not much of a lasting impression. The success of our plaques has been that the perceived value is much higher than the actual cost. So people can buy some of our plaques for $10 a piece and give them out and they make a bigger impact than that.”

Presenta Plaque does not do engraving but rather sells plaques where you can slip a certificate into. Maurice describes it like selling picture frames.

“We sell the pieces for the plaque itself so that they can create a plaque.”

“Anyone out there, whether it’s the art department in schools, a creative person at the police department — they’re doing their own certificates, whether they’re printing it in-house or getting them local,” said Maurice. “And then they can update them on their own computer and print, grab out plaque and slide it into.”

Whatever the occasion, a Presenta Plaque is a great way to recognize that someone special!

The History of Presenta Plaque

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Presenta Plaque has been a family run business in Tempe for 23 years. “My in-laws started it from nothing,” said General Manager Maurice Fitzgerald. “They started it back on Long Island, NY.” That was over 30 years ago.

The business was already up and running when Maurice entered the Air Force after college. He was stationed at the former Williams Air Force Base in the Southeast Valley. “I stayed for six years in the Air Force and never left Williams Air Force Base.” He got out in 1991.

Since Maurice already established roots in the valley, he decided to stay and went to work for an airline. Well, the in-laws didn’t like the idea of being so far away.

“About the time they had their first grandson in Phoenix, they decided ‘why are we in New York and our only child and grandson is in Phoenix?,’” said Maurice. “So they pulled up roots and moved a portion of the business, sold the rest, and moved it out here.”

The timing couldn’t have been better for Maurice. At the time, I was laid-off by an airline which was about the same time they showed up. So me and my six-month-old son and my in-laws started this location.”

Along with Maurice and his wife, there are three other employees. The founders have since retired. The company markets and sell plaques online to all over the United States and to many other countries.

As a veteran, Maurice supports other Veteran Owned Businesses.

Surprise Your Bestie with A Plaque This Friendship Day

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We’re all a little guilty of forgetting to tell those we love how much we care about them. Many of us wait until birthdays and holidays to remind our friends and family that we are grateful not just for their support when we need them, but all the other things they do that we might not even take time to consider. But this Friendship Day, the best way to tell someone what their friendship means to you is with a plaque.

A plaque is a perfect, long lasting reminder that one is appreciated and that can mean a lot to friends and family, especially if it comes as an unexpected gift.

Choosing the Right Plaque

It’s easy to customize your bestie’s new plaque thanks to Presenta Plaque’s convenient Pocket Plaque that allows you to easily slide in any 8.5” x 11”, 8” x 10” or 6” x 8” certificate and easily remove or replace it at your convenience. But its ease of use doesn’t take away from its elegance. These plaques are available in beautiful Walnut and Black Marble that make a beautiful display and addition to any desk, room or office space.

If you’d like to opt for a more traditional option, Plaque Kits are another elegant way to present your friend with their new “best friend” award. Though they require some assembly, they make beautiful and elegant displays with golden rivets and plaques available in Walnut and Black Marble. They are available in sizes similar to the Pocket Plaque in 8.5” x 11”, 6” x 8” and 11” x 14”.

What to Say

The most personal and “true to you” part comes when deciding what it is you want to say in your plaque. Like many others celebrating Friendship Day, you can simply give it to them in honor of the special day on August 7th or you can take a more creative route.

If you’d like to really turn it into a personalized gift, think of ways to make your certificate more personal and specific to your friend. It will mean all the more when they open it and are surprised to find your took the time to think of them this Friendship Day and any other day.

For more information on Presenta Plaque and to view our selection of products, visit our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com.

Host Your Own Olympic Viewing Party with Awards for Your Guests

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The Summer Olympics are just a few days away and Brazil and the rest of the world are getting ready to watch the world’s best athletes compete for gold in the world’s largest and athletic competition. With just a few days left before the competitions, businesses all over the world and athletic enthusiasts are preparing to host crowds of people and groups of friends in their bars, restaurants and homes.

If you plan on hosting your own Olympic viewing parties or gatherings in the upcoming weeks, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your guests entertained through the entirety of the games.

1. Make it a Potluck

Have friends bring some of their own tasty creations to share with you and your friends. It’ll allow you to have a great variety of snacks and dishes, reduce the mess and keep the party costs cheap!

2. Watch the Game Like True Grecians

The original Olympic Games date back all the way to ancient Greece when togas, sandals and leaf headbands were all the rage. Why not take your celebration back to the ancient times and watch as the aristocrats would have?

3. Take a Trip Around the World

If you’re watching athletes from all around the world compete, why not indulge in a little bit of their culture? Encourage guests to bring dishes and drinks from their own cultures or from the cultures of participating countries and get a little taste of the food and beverages of the Olympians from around the world.

4. Play Up on the Olympic Theme

From the torch to the Olympic rings that are symbolic of the colors of different flags from participating countries, there is plenty of symbolism in Olympic celebrations. Incorporate some of these colors and symbols into your party to give your guests the ultimate Olympic experience!

5. Give Your Guests Their Own “Medals”

Another fun way to immerse your guests in Olympic culture is to award them with their own “medals” or plaques. You can decide what they will be rewarded for, whether it’s “Most Helpful Clean-Up Committee Member”, “Best Cheerleader”, “Most Spirited Olympian” or any other fun category you might come up with.

To order your “Olympic” plaques or to learn more about how you can incorporate Presenta Plaque quality plaques into your gatherings, visit www.PresentaPlaque.com.


Pocket Plaque vs. Plaque Kit: Which one is right for you?

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Whether you’ve been assigned the task of ordering team plaques for your school or you’re in a committee in charge of honoring a very important someone for a lifetime of achievements, you want to make sure you get it right. Plaques can be a beautiful gift and permanent way to be remembered for an important achievement, but their permanence adds a bit of pressure to choosing the right one.


At Presenta Plaque, you can choose from different styles and different colors to get the perfect message across to whoever is being awarded. But when it comes to choosing between a Presenta Plaque’s Pocket Plaque or Plaque Kit, you might need some guidance in making your decision.


The Pocket Plaque

Pocket plaques will arrive to your door fully assembled and ready for your certificate. They are available in Black Marble and Walnut colors, giving you the ability to choose between the sleek, modern look of marble or the classic traditional grain of a dark wooden plaque.


Upon arrival, your plaque won’t require any assembly, simply slide in your certificate and it’s ready to display. The Pocket Plaque is designed to be displayed either vertically or horizontally depending on your certificate.  You can also choose from various sizes to make sure your plaque frames your certificate perfectly.


Pocket Plaques can be ordered in cases at wholesale price or individually at retail pricing.



The Plaque Kit

Unlike the Pocket Plaque, the Plaque Kits require some assembly upon arrival. But not to worry, it’s no Ikea furniture piece, so it’ll only take a couple of minutes! If you do need some assistance with the assembly process or would prefer to see how it’s done, you can check out our easy assembly instructional video here.


The Plaque Kits are also available in Black Marble and Walnut colors and in different sizes and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. You can also purchase them in cases to receive wholesale pricing or purchase them individually. Plaque Kits deliver a classic, beautiful display for anyone looking to show off an achievement or encase important documents like marriage certificates, awards and graduation certificates.



Both plaques will make a beautiful and uniquely crafted piece to display your most important valued certificates and achievements on. You’ll find that no matter which plaque you choose, you’ll be proud to display it in your home.