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Plaques are a Great Way to Go for Student Organizations!

by Presenta Plaque | on Dec 01, 2017 | No Comments

We’re a Tempe, AZ business practically in the backyard of Arizona State University. Whether it’s ASU or another top university or college in the country, there are always student clubs. Most like to honor or recognize those individuals at the end of a semester who’ve worked tirelessly on organizing events and fundraising activities.

Giving those star individuals a Presenta Plaque is a great and inexpensive way to show your appreciation! Even if you just need a few now, it’s easier to order a box since you know you’ll be needing them for many semesters down-the-road. 

ASU alone has over 1,000 student organizations on each of the four campuses, allowing all students to become involved. Many of these groups are involved in Homecoming, concerts, special events, community service and conferences.

Some of the more popular student clubs include the Outdoors Club, Sports Club and Dance Club. There’s even a club for Harry Potter fans and groups for geeks and nerds such as the eSports Association, Sci-Fan and the Cos Club.

These organizations don’t even include sororities or fraternities. If you head up one of these groups, you’ll definitely need a plaque to honor members who’ve exceeded expectations.

A Presenta Plaque gives you a chance to be creative with the wording on the certificate. Have fun with it! It’ll be a plaque that students will cherish for years!

Order your box today!

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