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Suggested paper options for award certificates

by Presenta Plaque | on May 22, 2013 | No Comments

As the school year comes to an end, the time for graduations and commencements is near. This is the time of year when certificates are greatly anticipated by students and parents alike, and selecting the perfect certificate is very important. There are a few components to a certificate, one of those being the paper. Many paper choices are available, but which choice is right for your celebration?

First, consider the occasion. Is this certificate going to kids, sports players, education, or government? Each category needs a different look since they’ll all have different interests in the overall look of the certificate.

Children love color, so instead of focusing on quality, look for something that will grab their attention. Certificate paper is available with various prints and colors, so choose something fun and age-appropriate, like balloons or fireworks in the background!

Sports players want something they’ll be able to hang on a wall or put in a plaque. Consider a nice quality paper with some foil embellishments. They probably won’t display their sports achievements forever, but they’ll certainly want their certificates to attract attention as long as they’re featured. Consider focusing your attention on the embellishments rather than the quality of the paper.

Graduates and government officials are going to keep their certificates forever. They have to be visually pleasing, and they have to last a long time. Education and government certificates merit the highest quality paper. They also need to look the most professional once the text and borders are complete. These are designed for long-term display, so courser paper is necessary for expanding the certificate’s lifespan. Remember, this is something they’ll keep forever, so make it something they’ll treasure forever.

No matter what the occasion, you can still manipulate the level of formality by choosing various certificate styles. Standard certificates are great for semi-formal events. Casual certificates are appropriate for kids, casual events, and sports certificates. Custom certificates are probably the best choice for formal events.

No matter what you choose, present it like you’re proud of it! Certificates are automatically a symbol of achievement and respect. Choose the style that works best for you and your students, employees, or athletes. Regardless of the design, the certificates you choose will represent a job well done for the recipient, and that is the most important part.