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Stock up on Plaques!

by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 09, 2012 | No Comments

When your employees, team, teachers and students do something great, it’s customary to congratulate them with a pat on the back and an applauding “great job!” You recognize someone for a job well done to make them feel special, that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed, and you want them to have something to remember that feeling of recognition by. Why not something beautiful, something that makes the award a permanent keepsake? Throughout the year, award ceremonies take place; ceremonies like graduation, MVP awards, championship games and even spelling bees all hand out some kind of award to its winner. Some hand out trophies, while others hand out a boring, albeit creatively designed, paper certificate.

Last year, I posted a blog called “Recognition Basics”. I went to a professional basketball game where the team and sponsors were handing out awards to several students. While this was probably an incredible event for the students, the team and presenter could have made the experience more memorable. How? While I was there I noticed the awards that were being given were just a paper certificate. You can read the blog here.

Presenta Plaque offers two solutions for you to pick from, Presenta Plaque Kits or Pocket Plaques. Don’t get stuck in an embarrassing ceremony situation, turn your boring paper certificate into a beautiful plaque worth hanging! Stock up today on plaques for the year by ordering online!

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