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Recognition Basics

by PresentaPlaque Admin | on Aug 02, 2011 | 1 Comments

Several years ago I attended a professional basketball game. At half time one of the charitable organizations that the team sponsors was presenting an award to several students. Here’s the scene, in the middle of the court a multimillion dollar professional basketball player hands an award to the student and says congratulations. My impression was that the team and the player looked very cheap and insincere because the award they were presenting was a plain paper certificate. A piece of paper!

Enter Presenta Plaque, where simply placing the paper certificate in our inexpensive plaque kits will immediately increase the value of your award. A certificate presented in our plaque will find itself proudly hung or displayed for all to see. As an award presenter, isn’t that your goal after all?

The recognition process is two-part; to acknowledge the deeds of the recipient and to promote the presenting organization. You’re taking the time and effort to recognize individuals and their achievements so why not do it right. There’s a message that’s sent when your certificate gets stuck on a wall with a push pin or thrown in a drawer because it’s too expensive to frame it. It looks cheap and so do you. Not what you want.

When a certificate is received in a Presenta Plaque you’re immediately impressed with the quality of the plaque and the effort that the presenter went through.

Recipient feels important, you don’t look cheap and the award is proudly displayed. Who’s going to know that you spent less than ten dollars on the award?

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