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Perceived Value

by PresentaPlaque Admin | on Jul 29, 2011 | No Comments

One of my favorite expressions in the years I’ve been selling Presenta Plaques is “perceived value”. It truly is what’s made this company a success. The “perceived value” of one of our plaque kits is far above the low wholesale price that you pay for the awards. In other words you don’t have to spend a lot to impress someone with a professional distinctive award.

We used to travel the country doing trade shows and actually put the plaques in people’s hands. The common response was “you’re kidding me, this really costs $8.00?” At that point the plaques sold themselves.

I believe many look at our plaques in mailings or on our website and decide that at that price it has to be a light weight, cheap substitute for an expensive award. Those that have received our plaques and call to get pricing usually can’t believe the price we are offering them for.

The plaques weigh about three pounds each (depending on size and style) and are composed of medium density fiberboard. The certificate covers are injection molded acrylic. When we pack 11 in a case you get a substantial 38 pound box. Selling the plaques wholesale in case quantities allows us to keep the prices down.

I try to teach my kids that the cost of an item is nowhere near as important as the value. I think they get it. You can make your own certificates, mount them in our plaques, save money and time and still look good. You’ll be perceived as presenting a quality award both you and the recipient can be proud of.

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