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Got a call from an old friend today, we’ll call him Ed. Quite a bit of time has passed from our Air Force days, but he remembered I was in the Plaque business. As the president of his local Rotary Club, he wanted to start a recognition program. The program would involve the club recognizing local students in the areas of leadership and academic achievement. He wanted to print his own certificates, but didn’t want to look cheap by handing a hard working student a piece of paper. Smart guy.

Ed obviously had spent some time on our website, because he was very familiar with our products. He said “I’d like to save some money and I have the time, so I’m interested in your do-it-yourself plaque kits, we call them “Original Presenta Plaques Kits”. Ed’s always been a handy guy, so I know he could assemble our kits with his eyes closed. (if he ever had any questions he could always watch our you tube video on how to assemble Presenta Plaque kits)

Ed didn’t need individual boxes for the finished plaques so he ordered our bulk kits; in other words don’t pay for the boxes if you don’t need them. He chose our most popular color, walnut; in our most popular size that holds an 8 ½ by 11 inch certificate. He even had the part number, PWB811.

The Rotary Club awards will be given out monthly, so a case of 13 will last him a year. Ed and his Rotary Club are very much our typical customer who calls us once a year when their box of plaques are running low.  He knows that if he ever doesn’t have the time to assemble kits, or is giving out a large quantity of awards that he has the option of ordering our Pocket Plaques, with pre-assembled “slip in” convenience. Remember that the Pocket Plaques all come with an individual box to protect them during shipping.

So whether its Rotary Club Awards, Knights of Columbus Awards or Moose Club Awards, Presenta Plaque can provide you with an affordable do-it-yourself professional recognition tool.

Contact us today at 800-824-2390 to turn your paper certificate into a distinctive, and commemorative plaque.

Recognition Basics

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Several years ago I attended a professional basketball game. At half time one of the charitable organizations that the team sponsors was presenting an award to several students. Here’s the scene, in the middle of the court a multimillion dollar professional basketball player hands an award to the student and says congratulations. My impression was that the team and the player looked very cheap and insincere because the award they were presenting was a plain paper certificate. A piece of paper!

Enter Presenta Plaque, where simply placing the paper certificate in our inexpensive plaque kits will immediately increase the value of your award. A certificate presented in our plaque will find itself proudly hung or displayed for all to see. As an award presenter, isn’t that your goal after all?

The recognition process is two-part; to acknowledge the deeds of the recipient and to promote the presenting organization. You’re taking the time and effort to recognize individuals and their achievements so why not do it right. There’s a message that’s sent when your certificate gets stuck on a wall with a push pin or thrown in a drawer because it’s too expensive to frame it. It looks cheap and so do you. Not what you want.

When a certificate is received in a Presenta Plaque you’re immediately impressed with the quality of the plaque and the effort that the presenter went through.

Recipient feels important, you don’t look cheap and the award is proudly displayed. Who’s going to know that you spent less than ten dollars on the award?

Perceived Value

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One of my favorite expressions in the years I’ve been selling Presenta Plaques is “perceived value”. It truly is what’s made this company a success. The “perceived value” of one of our plaque kits is far above the low wholesale price that you pay for the awards. In other words you don’t have to spend a lot to impress someone with a professional distinctive award.

We used to travel the country doing trade shows and actually put the plaques in people’s hands. The common response was “you’re kidding me, this really costs $8.00?” At that point the plaques sold themselves.

I believe many look at our plaques in mailings or on our website and decide that at that price it has to be a light weight, cheap substitute for an expensive award. Those that have received our plaques and call to get pricing usually can’t believe the price we are offering them for.

The plaques weigh about three pounds each (depending on size and style) and are composed of medium density fiberboard. The certificate covers are injection molded acrylic. When we pack 11 in a case you get a substantial 38 pound box. Selling the plaques wholesale in case quantities allows us to keep the prices down.

I try to teach my kids that the cost of an item is nowhere near as important as the value. I think they get it. You can make your own certificates, mount them in our plaques, save money and time and still look good. You’ll be perceived as presenting a quality award both you and the recipient can be proud of.

10 Tips to Creating Your Own Certificate

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1- Decide on the size of your paper. If you’re using your desktop printer you’ll probably want to stick to a standard 8 ½” x 11” certificate. This will fit easily into our most popular Plaques. If you want to get creative we also offer a 6”x 8” and a 8”x10” solution. The larger 11”x14” plaque will require a printer capable of handling this size paper.

2- Select which Presenta Plaque you’ll be using. We offer many sizes, colors and styles. Go to our website or call us at 1-800-824-2930 and start shopping!

3- Pick the right paper. The size of the paper isn’t the only thing that’s important. Consider getting some card stock to give your certificate a little more substance. Office supply stores sell this in many weights and colors. Make sure you don’t go too heavy on the weight of the paper or it might jam your printer might and have trouble fitting it into our Pocket Plaques.

4- Horizontal or Vertical? Your choice. All of our Plauqes are able to hang either vertically or horizontally.

5- Start with a general layout. The simplest word processing software allows you to layout and design a certificate. The locations of pictures, recipients name, logos, dates, signatures and verbiage all need to be considered.

6- Save variations as you go. If you think you have a good design “save as” a new version and work from there. You’ll always have the old version you liked if you change your mind.

7- Photographs, clip art, logos?  Something that symbolizes you the sponsor of the award is important. After all you’re giving this award in the hopes that it will be proudly and prominently displayed. A digital photo of your school, business or institution is great. An easily recognizable logo works well too.

8- The recipient’s name should be LARGE. Let’s face it we all like to see our name in print, so make it the most prominent thing on the certificate and it will be proudly displayed.

9- Use complimentary colors. Select colors for your type and artwork that go well with the color of the Presenta Plaque you have chosen. Try lots of variations and see what works best.

10- Print it and try it in your Presenta Plaque. Mount it in one of our Presenta Plaque Kits or simply slide it into our Pocket Plaque. You now have a certificate on your computer. You can have an award personalized, printed and mounted in a Plaque in just minutes.

A Look Inside Presenta Plaque

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I’m taking a moment to introduce you to Presenta Plaque. We are a second generation, family business. We started in Long Island, New York over thirty years ago. We were originally a larger manufacturer and supplier of plaques and accessories to the trophy industry. The smaller company we are today was the result of looking to the future and forecasting the explosion of personal computing and desktop publishing.

I’d like to say that some complicated economic or business decision caused us to move Presenta Plaque from Long Island to our new home in Tempe, Arizona, but it’s much simpler than that. It was the birth of a grandson in 1993 that resulted in the founders relocating the entire business and their household to Arizona. A big move at the time, but looking back it didn’t have a considerable effect on the business. We continue to market and sell our wholesale affordable plaques to all fifty states and many overseas countries.

That grandson is now a high school senior and looking at colleges. The founders have retired and the business continues to thrive a generation later. Call us and you won’t get a machine. We still provide friendly and personal customer service, no different than when we started. Okay, the fact that I’m writing a Blog does say that we are keeping up with the times, but I think you know what I mean!

Maurice Fitzgerald

General Manager, Presenta Plaque