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Your Gym Walls Should Look Fit, Too!

by Presenta Plaque | on Mar 02, 2018 | No Comments

Whether your a gym owner or manager, first impressions matter when gym members and potential customers walk through your doors. Displaying Presenta Plaques on your walls with all of the services you offer is a great way to catch someone’s attention!

If you have a separate sales area, display additional Presenta Plaques on nearby walls with your gym’s services and even licenses. Our plaques are also a great way to display any specials you have going on for the week or month. It’s a good idea to display these specials in the locker room area, as well, for current gym members as an incentive to bring their friends and family members.

If you have a cafe in your gym, a wall plaque is an ideal way to display Nutritional Facts of drinks and food items. You might even want to feature some fun food facts.

Aside from services, specials and licenses, Presenta Plaques are a fun way to display inspirational quotes such as “Success = Hard Work & Persistence” or “I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle.”

In addition, Presenta Plaques are great to give to personal trainers who go above and beyond in helping gym members attain their goals. And why not give a plaque to your top sales performer? Aside from this, maybe you have some gym members who are always referring new customers to you. A plaque is a great way to show your appreciation! Do you have some bodybuilders in your gym who’ve won some competitions? Again, a good way to show the gym member you recognize their accomplishments.

You can easily go through dozens and dozens of Presenta Plaques at a gym. Order at least a couple of boxes today!

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