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Host Your Own Olympic Viewing Party with Awards for Your Guests

by Presenta Plaque | on Jul 27, 2016 | No Comments

The Summer Olympics are just a few days away and Brazil and the rest of the world are getting ready to watch the world’s best athletes compete for gold in the world’s largest and athletic competition. With just a few days left before the competitions, businesses all over the world and athletic enthusiasts are preparing to host crowds of people and groups of friends in their bars, restaurants and homes.

If you plan on hosting your own Olympic viewing parties or gatherings in the upcoming weeks, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your guests entertained through the entirety of the games.

1. Make it a Potluck

Have friends bring some of their own tasty creations to share with you and your friends. It’ll allow you to have a great variety of snacks and dishes, reduce the mess and keep the party costs cheap!

2. Watch the Game Like True Grecians

The original Olympic Games date back all the way to ancient Greece when togas, sandals and leaf headbands were all the rage. Why not take your celebration back to the ancient times and watch as the aristocrats would have?

3. Take a Trip Around the World

If you’re watching athletes from all around the world compete, why not indulge in a little bit of their culture? Encourage guests to bring dishes and drinks from their own cultures or from the cultures of participating countries and get a little taste of the food and beverages of the Olympians from around the world.

4. Play Up on the Olympic Theme

From the torch to the Olympic rings that are symbolic of the colors of different flags from participating countries, there is plenty of symbolism in Olympic celebrations. Incorporate some of these colors and symbols into your party to give your guests the ultimate Olympic experience!

5. Give Your Guests Their Own “Medals”

Another fun way to immerse your guests in Olympic culture is to award them with their own “medals” or plaques. You can decide what they will be rewarded for, whether it’s “Most Helpful Clean-Up Committee Member”, “Best Cheerleader”, “Most Spirited Olympian” or any other fun category you might come up with.

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