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Who to Award with a Beautiful Plaque

by Presenta Plaque | on Feb 28, 2016 | No Comments

If you have any special events coming up at home, work, school or on a sports team, it might be time to award someone. Every day, people go unrecognized for their achievements, good deeds and skills. Make someone’s day by ordering them a custom plaque today! If you want to recognize someone, but don’t know how to go about it, or you cannot choose one achievement, here are some people who may deserve an award:


Completion of an Educational Program or Graduation

If you know someone who has recently graduated or completed a program, you may want to consider recognizing their achievements. Furthering their education was a brutal and difficult path, and they will greatly appreciate awareness of their accomplishments.

High Achievement

Has someone you know gone above and beyond in their academics or sports? It is definitely time to award the person in your life who always makes the extra effort to be the best. If your child has been awarded honor roll or perfect attendance, they should get a plaque! It is hard to wake up everyday and go to school and make good grades. Maybe your kid has been awarded MVP of their sports team, sometimes it’s hard to be the best.

Teacher Appreciation

Do you work at a school? Has a teacher really stood out to you that always goes above and beyond for the job? Teaching is a hard job that is sometimes underappreciated. If you know a teacher that is always going the extra mile, he/she deserves recognition for their efforts. It is always nice to be recognized.


If you know someone who was recently married, or is celebrating a milestone anniversary, it might be time to get them a beautiful plaque! Marriage can be difficult, and it can be wonderful. So doing it and sticking to it is one of the greatest achievements in life! Make the couple feel special on their big day.


Volunteering means working for free, and that doesn’t always mean the job is pleasant. Volunteers are passionate and compassionate, and do what they can for others without expecting anything in return. A plaque could be a wonderful way to say thank you to someone going out of their way to help others even when no one else is. Even though they love what they do, sometimes their efforts may not be recognized. Show your favorite volunteers your gratitude today by ordering a custom plaque today.

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