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Volunteer Ideas for Teens

by Presenta Plaque | on Aug 11, 2015 | No Comments

It’s not uncommon for schools and other organizations to ask teens to volunteer their time for credit or to fulfill requirements. Many schools require this as a means to instill a sense of community and pride in students. But in times when kids are more dependent on technology than each other, opportunities like these that keep them away from their phones can leave them feeling as though volunteering is more of chore than a helping hand.

So how do you get kids to part ways with their electronics for a few hours and join their community’s volunteer movement? There are many ways to make volunteering more enjoyable and often all it takes is a little research to find the right activity for one’s interest.

1. Volunteer with Animals—one of the coolest things about the youth in every community is their passion and love for animals. Imagine the difference that could be made for animals if kids volunteered to help real cats as often as they watch cat videos!

2. Volunteer at a Farm—at first site this may not exactly sound glamorous, but there are many types of farms aside from animal farms such as crop farms. Places likes these can be a great place for teens to learn about agriculture and maybe even develop a bit of a green thumb!

3. Mentor—this can be an awesome way to teach students about being a role model. While lots of kids have younger siblings they try to be an example for, many don’t and this can be the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand to a child who needs it.

4. Answer a Needy Child’s Letter to Santa—malls all over the country offer shoppers the opportunity to answer to a child’s wish list. This is a quick way to brighten a child’s day. Though they more than likely won’t be able to catch that magical moment in person, it’s definitely wonderful to know some child somewhere is having a merrier Christmas thanks to them.

5. Start Your Own Project—volunteering with an existing organization doesn’t always seem appealing to an entrepreneurial mind. Though it may not be for every young adult, teens today have the power to start organizations they believe in thanks to the power of social media—who knew?



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