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Give Non-Material Gifts for Birthdays Including Certificates Mounted in Plaques

by Presenta Plaque | on May 17, 2013 | No Comments

Certificates make fabulous non-material gifts for birthdays, among other occasions. They are unique and individual, and they’re the perfect way to say “I’m proud of you.” It’s customary to give thoughtful birthday gifts to loved-ones, and what could be more personal than an individually-designed certificate? Creating a certificate is a very unique and original gesture that the recipient will never forget. It’s also one of the few gifts that will be genuinely admired forever.

Birthdays have been celebrated for thousands of years, often with gifts or feasts or rites of passage. Birthdays were celebrated with an emphasis on astrology, which many ancient civilizations held in very high regard. Birthday celebrations followed a strict ritual, with very little room for variation. Today, the goal is usually to make birthdays as unique as possible. Non-material gifts are growing in popularity due to their ease of customization and variability. The combinations and creative possibilities are nearly endless.

Certificates are very adaptable, so they will easily suit anyone for any occasion. Colors and paper styles are entirely customizable: it’s easy to create a certificate that will be perfect for your loved-one by including age-relevant attributes or favorite colors, especially for newborns or significant birthdays. Also, various plaque styles will accent your certificate for beautiful presentation, an addition that will certainly attract admiration. Represent a significant time in your loved-one’s life with a custom certificate to stand as a placeholder for the memories that transpire during that specific year.

In today’s market, it’s tough to find a gift that’s original, thoughtful, and memorable. Certificates are all of these and more. Non-material gifts are particularly great gifts since they are the gifts that live in the mind. Your gift recipient will always be able to think back to this specific occasion and remember the certificate you created.

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