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by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 17, 2012 | No Comments

Did you know January is National Mentoring Month?  Teachers make incredible mentors; they educate and guide our children to be smart, successful adults. As a principal or district supervisor, how do you show your teachers you appreciate them? Teachers can make a huge difference, but may not always see the impact of their work on kids and families; Presenta Plaque wants to change that and help recognize their incredible work.

Sure, there are many ways you can show appreciation; gift baskets and gift certificates are wonderful ideas. However, they don’t last, and they certainly cannot be showcased on your wall. Imagine the look on your teacher’s face when you hand them a plaque and certificate titled “Terrific Teacher”. Chances are they’re already clearing space to hang it up on their wall! From October 2011 through March 2012, one lucky teacher will be awarded the Silver Apple each month. It’s a great award and nominations are open (click here), but we feel every teacher should receive recognition.

Our plaques and plaque kits are inexpensive and budget friendly. It’s time to let all your teachers know how special they are by stocking up on plaques to show your appreciation today! Order online!

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