Honoring Someone For Service

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Nicholas Sparks wrote in his best selling novel “Dear John,” “they inspire you, they entertain you and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it.”  What he was describing was the work of a teacher.  These men and women give of themselves each and every day, so of course we should take time to honor them.

One group recently did just that for one of the educators.  The Mountain View School District in California took the time out to honor one of their own.  That employee was Roberto Lopez.  Mr. Lopez is much more than “just” an employee to the district.  He has literally had a hand in molding the lives of thousands of students who have walked the halls of their schools.

Mr. Lopez has been with the district for more than three decades and shows no signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon.  Parents in the district are proud to have him as a role model to their children.  For those nearly 30 years, Mr. Lopez has held a variety of positions that helped in the betterment of the children in that area.  Roberto Lopez started with the district as an instructional aide.  From there he eventually became a teacher, graduated to become an assistant principal, principal and eventually a director within the district.  The district describes him as an “excellent hard-working, dedicated administrator whose heart is always with the students.”

Sometimes these school districts feel that more than words are needed to show their respect to their faculty.  Recently the Mountain View School District did just that for Roberto Lopez.  The district honored Mr. Lopez with a special award, naming him the “District-At-Large Administrator of the Year.”  For Lopez , it certainly isn’t about the award, for him and the countless others the reward comes when they see a student graduate and achieve their own success.  That being said, it is still nice to recognize someone for their hardwork.

When the district gave him his award it came in the form of a plaque, a plaque that was part of the Presenta Plaque line of plaque kits.  Not only is it visually appealing, but the plaque is made from high quality materials and presents itself beautifully.

These plaques mean something to those on the receiving end.  Not only is it something they can display proudly on their walls at either home or their office, but it shows that someone else took notice in their good work.  It is such a simple gesture but it says so much to the recipient.  People don’t need recognition, but they appreciate it.  It shows them and others that they did a “good job” and who doesn’t deserve or like that.

So the next time you or your child achieve a special achievement in school, think back to the teacher that helped get them there.  It may not be a plaque you deliver, but perhaps a simple “thank you” for a job well done!  A simple gesture that really does go a long way.

Why Plaques are Great for Rewards and Recognition

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Remember when you were a child and made your parents a drawing?  When we did those things our parents many times proudly displayed this accomplishment on the refrigerator door.  Now fast-forward 20 plus years and we are celebrating another accomplishment.  Why than as adults are we afraid to proudly display that?  Here at Presenta Plaque we say be proud and let us help you show everyone around you what you did.

Some accomplishments that are plaque worthy can include a special award from work, maybe you made an appearance in the local paper, perhaps your child’s team scored big in the Friday night game, whatever it is be proud and show it off.

Some people fear a plaque may come across as gloating, but why think that way?  Plaques can add visual appeal to a room.  Who wants to sit in a room with plain white walls.  Plaques can give you and your guests something to look at.  It can give people a focal point to look at instead feeling the need to stare at you the whole time.  It can take boring to inviting.

Plaques can also be a conversation starter.  Sometimes when there is an ice breaker needed during an interview a plaque that is showing off something can give you something to talk about.  If you are talking about your company’s achievements than a plaque can help you do so.  For the person who’s office you are sitting in, having a plaque there puts them in a position of power and in a comfort zone in front of the guest.

Plaques can also help to establish credibility for not only you but the organization you work for.  Not every potential client will believe what you say you and your company have accomplished, by having a plaque there listing accomplishments it helps substantiate the achievement.  This can be especially vital when you have a piece displayed from an organization vital to your industry.

Plaques can also serve as a motivator.  Employees like to be recognized in front of their peers.  By displaying the accomplishments of employees on a plaque you give people something to strive for.  The same thing can be done for employee achievements from outside the office.  Why not give recognition to employees other accomplishments.  It can be a display put together in a breakroom setting and gives people something to talk about and acknowledge.

Finally, plaques just simply cheer you up.  When you are having a bad day what is better than a simple reminder of a happier time.  It can also serve as a personal motivator for yourself.  It is a reminder of something that you achieved and can be obtained once again.  It reminds you that you have achieved something special and should and deserve to be proud of it.

Presenta Plaque makes displaying these achievements simple and easy.  Our kits make putting it together simple and they are designed to look great on display on either a wall or shelf.  So the next time you’re given a special recognition, remember, Presenta Plaque has you covered.

Presenta Plaque Kit Used by Racine Police Department

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Recently the Racine Police Department in Wisconsin honored one of their own.  For more than 20 years Brent Hutchinson was not only an officer for the department, but for the better part of that time he was an investigator for them.

This year Investigator Hutchinson retired following 24 years of service for that community.  As you can imagine his fellow officers wanted to honor him the best way possible.  Not only did they throw a celebration for him in his honor, but they presented him a plaque to recognize his service.  A plaque he can proudly display wherever he chooses.  This plaque will be a constant reminder of not only his service, but that moment of recognition and the love and respect his co-workers had for him.

The plaque used for this event was one supplied from right here at Presenta Plaque.  Our kits are easy to assemble and can really make a statement for someone.  That statement can work in both ways, meaning the plaques look good for those giving the recognition away and make for a lovely gift for the person receiving it.

The kits put the certificate, or whatever you choose, inside a beautiful enclosure.  Those enclosures can be in a lovely wood grain or a marble looking finish.  The type you choose will be determined by the look you are trying to achieve.  The marble appearance may feel , for some, to be a little more substantial, while others would prefer that would grain look and feel.  The black marble on the other hand would go with most motif’s while the wood could potentially clash depending on where it is placed.

Once again the frames themselves are just left up to personal preference.  What makes this a nice gift is that those who are purchasing one of these kits will have a little bit of room to decide what to place inside.  For a situation like this retirement, a certificate would make the best presentation for the recipient.  The certificate can talk about the appreciation the organization has for the individual all while recognizing their service.

For a more personal or individualized form of recognition perhaps folks can sign or create personal messages.  These can also be displayed nicely in one of our plaque kits.  The goal here is to make the person feel special and that their work was not only acknowledged but appreciated.  These kits are the easiest way to do so.

Whether you are planning a retirement celebration, employee of the month or an attendance recognition let Presenta Plaque be your go to place to recognize someone.  Check out all of our kit options and find the one that suits you the best.  Say it with class with a Presenta Plaque.


Show Kids You Care with a Plaque

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School is back in session which means in some cases your child has work to do at their job, school, and at home after.  Just because the school year has started it doesn’t mean that household chores get put on hold.  On the contrary, that just means your child may be getting pulled in different directions.

Children need motivation when it comes to keeping up with both schoolwork and housework.  No one wants to do something where they are not recognized for their efforts.  Why not as parents start a recognition program that will help motivate them both at home and at school.

Certificates are an easy way to acknowledge good work and show you care what your child does.  Certificates can be printed off online for just about any topic and subject possible.  They are an easy way to not only recognize a job well done, but that simple bit of encouragement will be a motivation for your child to continue their good work.

There are a lot of topics where parents can print out certificates to recognize their child.  Starting with the work they are responsible for around the house.  No one likes chores, but they especially do not like them when no one recognizes their efforts for doing them.  Why not keep your child motivated by showing them you see what they contribute around the house.

There are some parents that say, ‘why should I recognize my child for doing what is expected of them,’ the answer is simple, because it is a nice pick-me-up.  When you are at work, you do what is expected of you, but you still enjoy when the boss or someone tells you when you did a job well done.  The feeling is no different when it comes to your child.  Maybe your children have a hard time getting along with one another, maybe they don’t enjoy picking up their things in their room or making a bed or helping with dinner.  Perhaps a certificate or reward system will be just the motivation they need.  Maybe your child made their bed without being reminded.  Perhaps they handled a disagreement with a sibling in a civilized manner or maybe they offered to help with dinner before being asked.  All of these things deserve some sort of recognition.  A certificate or plaque may be the thing that motivates them to keep helping out on their own.

School is another area where you can celebrate your child’s accomplishments.  Not every student is good at every subject.  Some students struggle with subjects like English and Math.  Why not recognize when they do well in these challenging subjects.  A high score on an assignment, quiz or test is a big deal for a child who has to work twice as hard for those good grades.  You can print off something that tells them about a job well done.  Maybe a perfect attendance recognition is in order.  Maybe your child isn’t particularly athletic but did well in gym class.  Whatever it is it takes no effort to put it down on paper.

Once you get those awards together, place them on one of our plaque kits.  They make displaying the award simple and fun.  What kid doesn’t enjoy their friends walking in and seeing an award given to them on display.  The kits are simple to use and hang with ease.

Psychologists say these recognitions are vital to your child’s development.  They help them develop a stronger sense of self-esteem.  That boost in confidence is enough to keep them motivated to keep up the good work.

Call us today and we can get you started with one of these kits.  You will be surprised on how easy they are to put together.  More importantly you will be excited to see the end result on your wall and what it does for your child’s self-esteem.

Surprise Your Bestie with A Plaque This Friendship Day

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We’re all a little guilty of forgetting to tell those we love how much we care about them. Many of us wait until birthdays and holidays to remind our friends and family that we are grateful not just for their support when we need them, but all the other things they do that we might not even take time to consider. But this Friendship Day, the best way to tell someone what their friendship means to you is with a plaque.

A plaque is a perfect, long lasting reminder that one is appreciated and that can mean a lot to friends and family, especially if it comes as an unexpected gift.

Choosing the Right Plaque

It’s easy to customize your bestie’s new plaque thanks to Presenta Plaque’s convenient Pocket Plaque that allows you to easily slide in any 8.5” x 11”, 8” x 10” or 6” x 8” certificate and easily remove or replace it at your convenience. But its ease of use doesn’t take away from its elegance. These plaques are available in beautiful Walnut and Black Marble that make a beautiful display and addition to any desk, room or office space.

If you’d like to opt for a more traditional option, Plaque Kits are another elegant way to present your friend with their new “best friend” award. Though they require some assembly, they make beautiful and elegant displays with golden rivets and plaques available in Walnut and Black Marble. They are available in sizes similar to the Pocket Plaque in 8.5” x 11”, 6” x 8” and 11” x 14”.

What to Say

The most personal and “true to you” part comes when deciding what it is you want to say in your plaque. Like many others celebrating Friendship Day, you can simply give it to them in honor of the special day on August 7th or you can take a more creative route.

If you’d like to really turn it into a personalized gift, think of ways to make your certificate more personal and specific to your friend. It will mean all the more when they open it and are surprised to find your took the time to think of them this Friendship Day and any other day.

For more information on Presenta Plaque and to view our selection of products, visit our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com.

Host Your Own Olympic Viewing Party with Awards for Your Guests

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The Summer Olympics are just a few days away and Brazil and the rest of the world are getting ready to watch the world’s best athletes compete for gold in the world’s largest and athletic competition. With just a few days left before the competitions, businesses all over the world and athletic enthusiasts are preparing to host crowds of people and groups of friends in their bars, restaurants and homes.

If you plan on hosting your own Olympic viewing parties or gatherings in the upcoming weeks, there are plenty of fun activities to keep your guests entertained through the entirety of the games.

1. Make it a Potluck

Have friends bring some of their own tasty creations to share with you and your friends. It’ll allow you to have a great variety of snacks and dishes, reduce the mess and keep the party costs cheap!

2. Watch the Game Like True Grecians

The original Olympic Games date back all the way to ancient Greece when togas, sandals and leaf headbands were all the rage. Why not take your celebration back to the ancient times and watch as the aristocrats would have?

3. Take a Trip Around the World

If you’re watching athletes from all around the world compete, why not indulge in a little bit of their culture? Encourage guests to bring dishes and drinks from their own cultures or from the cultures of participating countries and get a little taste of the food and beverages of the Olympians from around the world.

4. Play Up on the Olympic Theme

From the torch to the Olympic rings that are symbolic of the colors of different flags from participating countries, there is plenty of symbolism in Olympic celebrations. Incorporate some of these colors and symbols into your party to give your guests the ultimate Olympic experience!

5. Give Your Guests Their Own “Medals”

Another fun way to immerse your guests in Olympic culture is to award them with their own “medals” or plaques. You can decide what they will be rewarded for, whether it’s “Most Helpful Clean-Up Committee Member”, “Best Cheerleader”, “Most Spirited Olympian” or any other fun category you might come up with.

To order your “Olympic” plaques or to learn more about how you can incorporate Presenta Plaque quality plaques into your gatherings, visit www.PresentaPlaque.com.


Why Choose Presenta Plaque for Bulk Plaques

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For all your plaque award needs, Presenta Plaque is the way to go. Since the opportunities to award plaques don’t come often, it’s easy to get lost and confused trying to find a plaque dealer can be a bit confusing without any real point of reference. If you’ve been left in charge of ordering one or several plaques for an individual or team, consider ordering from one of the most trusted plaque dealers in the Valley and nationwide for decades.


So besides their years of experience, what makes Presenta Plaque the best choice when it comes to ordering plaques?


Easy to Assemble

Presenta Plaques are made to be assembled easily yet maintain the beautiful classic look of a custom-made plaque. We believe that just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. We find beauty in the classic simplicity of a well-crafted wooden plaque.


Classic Look

Customers can choose from the same beautifully classic displays they’d expect. From black marble to walnut, there’s no doubt each of these makes a proud display for your greatest achievements.


Wholesale Pricing

Whether you’re buying 1 plaque or 100, Presenta Plaque doesn’t expect its loyal customers to pay ridiculous retail pricing for a product we love and stand behind. We believe in fair pricing for great products and that’s just what we provide.


Ships the Next Day

We make shipping easier than ever with our next-day shipping policy for all orders placed so you won’t have to wait longer than you need to and you can have your plaques in a jiff if you’re in a rush. We also make it easy to re-order if you decide you need to place another order with Presenta Plaque!


Save When Ordering Over Certain Quantity

We want you to have your plaques and if you’re ordering in large quantities, we don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of our customers. If you’re ordering from us, we want you to know we appreciate your business and want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your order!


We’re a Veteran Owned Small Business

We’re proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business in the Valley! As veteran-owned business, we take great pride in providing the best quality products for customers and supporting one another to ensure that veteran businesses thrive within our communities.

Everyday Ways to Honor Our Military

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This 4th of July will mark America’s 240th birthday. It’s hard to imagine the country we have today without the brave men and women who protect it here at home and overseas every day. So in honor of this birthday, we’re thinking of ways to honor the men and women who keep America the beautiful safe and sound every day.


1. 4th of July Block Party for Veterans

If your HOA allows it, why not throw an all-out block party for everyone, especially veterans and military members? Enlist neighbors and friends to contribute somehow, with food or donations to help make this a special day for former and active military members in your neighborhood.


2. Discounts at Local Businesses

Local businesses and privately owned businesses are often easier to sway into discounts. Gather up some of your friends and family who support the cause and ask local businesses if they’d be willing to give a percentage off for active military, veterans and maybe even their families! Once you know what small businesses in your neighborhood are willing to donate and discount, make sure to spread the word through a Facebook group so they can be easily found.


3. Organize a Thank You Campaign

Many people underestimate the power of a simple thank you card. Get together with local schools and organize a thank you card campaign to send to military overseas, especially around military holidays. Hearing from the little ones back home can mean a lot to those in stressful situations often feeling alone or frustrated.


4. Talk to them About Their Time in the Military

Though it might be a sensitive subject for some, there are plenty of active military and veterans who would love to share their experiences with someone willing to truly listen. So many of us know friends and family who served, yet the topic only comes up every so often. Take some time to truly connect and make them feel valued for the service they gave to this country.


5. Give Them Their Own Plaque

Awards in the military are a true honor. While our military does a fine job thanking men and women for their service, it’s not often they get that same gratefulness and comradery here at home. Award someone who is important to you for their service and let them know how much it means to you and others around you.


Pocket Plaque vs. Plaque Kit: Which one is right for you?

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Whether you’ve been assigned the task of ordering team plaques for your school or you’re in a committee in charge of honoring a very important someone for a lifetime of achievements, you want to make sure you get it right. Plaques can be a beautiful gift and permanent way to be remembered for an important achievement, but their permanence adds a bit of pressure to choosing the right one.


At Presenta Plaque, you can choose from different styles and different colors to get the perfect message across to whoever is being awarded. But when it comes to choosing between a Presenta Plaque’s Pocket Plaque or Plaque Kit, you might need some guidance in making your decision.


The Pocket Plaque

Pocket plaques will arrive to your door fully assembled and ready for your certificate. They are available in Black Marble and Walnut colors, giving you the ability to choose between the sleek, modern look of marble or the classic traditional grain of a dark wooden plaque.


Upon arrival, your plaque won’t require any assembly, simply slide in your certificate and it’s ready to display. The Pocket Plaque is designed to be displayed either vertically or horizontally depending on your certificate.  You can also choose from various sizes to make sure your plaque frames your certificate perfectly.


Pocket Plaques can be ordered in cases at wholesale price or individually at retail pricing.



The Plaque Kit

Unlike the Pocket Plaque, the Plaque Kits require some assembly upon arrival. But not to worry, it’s no Ikea furniture piece, so it’ll only take a couple of minutes! If you do need some assistance with the assembly process or would prefer to see how it’s done, you can check out our easy assembly instructional video here.


The Plaque Kits are also available in Black Marble and Walnut colors and in different sizes and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. You can also purchase them in cases to receive wholesale pricing or purchase them individually. Plaque Kits deliver a classic, beautiful display for anyone looking to show off an achievement or encase important documents like marriage certificates, awards and graduation certificates.



Both plaques will make a beautiful and uniquely crafted piece to display your most important valued certificates and achievements on. You’ll find that no matter which plaque you choose, you’ll be proud to display it in your home.

Beginning Your Plaque Order

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Once you’ve decided it’s time to place your plaque order with Presenta Plaque, the process is easy. There are various ways to place your order and let us know exactly what you want and make sure the deserving individual you’re awarding a plaque to receives exactly what they deserve.


Depending on if you’re a new or returning customer with an existing account at Presenta Plaque, this easy guide can help you get started and get your order rolling and right to your front door.


If you’re a new customer:


Ordering by Phone

If you’re a new customer and need some guidance in the ordering process, you do not have access to a computer, or would simply prefer to speak to a person on the phone, we encourage you to call and place your order at 1-800-824-2930. Here, you will be able to speak to a Presenta Plaque team member who will be able to help you order exactly what you need and assist you with any questions you may have regarding our products.


Visit Our Website

If you’d like to get a better look at our plaques, the best place to learn more about them is online on our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com. Our website features galleries, plaque descriptions and plenty of ideas for awarding the perfect plaque.


On our website, you can also begin our easy five-step ordering process so you can get your order placed and on its way to you in no time. Just visit www.PresentaPlaque.com/ordering-process to begin your order.


If you’re a returning customer with an account:


Faxing Your Order

First and foremost, welcome back! We’re excited you we’re pleased with our plaques enough to return. If you’re faxing your order, please send us your purchase order at 480-966-2480, and don’t forget to write very legibly so we can get your order just right. We’ll be on the lookout!


Emailing Your Order

If you’ll be sending us your order by email and have already browsed through our products to select the plaque that is perfect for whoever you’re awarding, please attach your purchase order to an email and send to customerservice@presentaplaque.com.


All orders will be sent the next day, so you’ll be seeing us very soon!


For more information on Presenta Plaque or to get your order started, you can visit our website at www.PresentaPlaque.com or give us a call at our office at 1-800-824-2930.