Celebrate Your Employees with Awards

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Who doesn’t love an award?  There are plenty of reasons for awards.  Celebrities get them sometimes just for showing up to events.  Dogs get awards for being the best in show, but when was the last time that you got an award for work?

There are plenty of reasons for people to be recognized at work.  A plaque could be an easy way to handle that recognition and give your employee a morale boost.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate employee achievements.  Some of the more common ways can be length of service, retirement and attendance.  Just think how nice it would be to recognize someone for their loyalty.  Maybe a celebration of 5 years of service or a thank you at the end of a year.  Recognizing someone before they step down is nice as well.  Employees who retire from a business deserve to have their service acknowledged.  There are plenty of employment options, the fact they chose to stay at one place for so long speaks volumes.  Attendance is also a nice recognition.  People can and will call out sick, especially for mental health days.  There are plenty who have never abused the system.  Those employees deserve more than a pat on the back.

You can also recognize people for following the rules.  This is especially important in an industrial environment.  Safety is always being reviewed and stressed at those places of employment, but accidents can and will happen.  If someone can prevent an accident or makes sure their co-workers are following all the rules, why not recognize them.  Those acts of prevention save employers money, a simple plaque to say “thank you” is a lovely gesture for their work.

Finally there is recognition for performance.  Customer service is key everywhere you go.  People respond well to positive treatment and feedback.  When you find an employee who goes above and beyond to make sure your guests are taken care of that treatment should be rewarded.  You can even rotate and recognize people at different periods.  Remember how great it was to be named the “Student-of-the-Month,” it feels just as good if not better as an adult.  An “Employee-of-the-Month” program where not only is there an individual plaque but one on display within your store.  This shows your guests that you not only appreciate your employees, but it also shows your employees care for your guests.

Plaques come in all shapes and sizes.  You can include your company logo.  Many are inexpensive.  Most importantly what they can lead to in return, money cannot put a price tag on.


Volunteer Ideas for Teens

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It’s not uncommon for schools and other organizations to ask teens to volunteer their time for credit or to fulfill requirements. Many schools require this as a means to instill a sense of community and pride in students. But in times when kids are more dependent on technology than each other, opportunities like these that keep them away from their phones can leave them feeling as though volunteering is more of chore than a helping hand.

So how do you get kids to part ways with their electronics for a few hours and join their community’s volunteer movement? There are many ways to make volunteering more enjoyable and often all it takes is a little research to find the right activity for one’s interest.

1. Volunteer with Animals—one of the coolest things about the youth in every community is their passion and love for animals. Imagine the difference that could be made for animals if kids volunteered to help real cats as often as they watch cat videos!

2. Volunteer at a Farm—at first site this may not exactly sound glamorous, but there are many types of farms aside from animal farms such as crop farms. Places likes these can be a great place for teens to learn about agriculture and maybe even develop a bit of a green thumb!

3. Mentor—this can be an awesome way to teach students about being a role model. While lots of kids have younger siblings they try to be an example for, many don’t and this can be the perfect opportunity to lend a helping hand to a child who needs it.

4. Answer a Needy Child’s Letter to Santa—malls all over the country offer shoppers the opportunity to answer to a child’s wish list. This is a quick way to brighten a child’s day. Though they more than likely won’t be able to catch that magical moment in person, it’s definitely wonderful to know some child somewhere is having a merrier Christmas thanks to them.

5. Start Your Own Project—volunteering with an existing organization doesn’t always seem appealing to an entrepreneurial mind. Though it may not be for every young adult, teens today have the power to start organizations they believe in thanks to the power of social media—who knew?



Become a Veteran Owned Business Like Presenta Plaque

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Presenta Plaque is known for turning paper certificates into a customized plaque that you will be proud of. There are many reasons why people are satisfied with Presenta Plaque whether its the convenience of pre-assembled pocket plaques or the cost savings of plaque kits, wholesale pricing, or the fact that we ship to all 50 states and internationally, We also have a discount for GSA customers.

However, did you know that Presenta Plaque is a veteran owned small business? Having a veteran owned business simply means that The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has special authority for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business/Veteran-Owned Small (SDVOSB/VOSB). Do you think your small business should be verified as a VOSB? Here are a few things to keep in mind and some helpful tools to when it comes to the verification process.

What Companies Should Know before Applying for Verification: Getting verified is not a simple process, but rather a long one. There were approximately 58 percent of applications that were denied in 2012 due to misunderstandings of 38 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR). If you want your verification process to go smoothly, keep in mind to fully understand CFR!

Verification Self-Assessment Tool: Taking a verification self-assessment tool will give you the opportunity to freely navigate the verification process while simultaneously gaining knowledge about the requirements! Take the opportunity to take advantage of the self-assessment before taking the verification test.

Verification Counseling Program: If you would rather not prepare yourself by taking the self-assessment tool, you can always refer to The Verification Counseling Program! The program was designed to provide training and assistance for those who are interested in going through the verification process for their business.  

How to Apply for Verification: Do your research and learn how to request verification of your firm. Keep in mind to also research the laws and regulations that govern the Veterans First Contracting Program.

At the end of the day, it is crucial to do your substantial research when it comes to getting your small business verified, as it can be a long, complicated process if not done right. 

10 Ways to Reduce Stress before a Presentation

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Ah the dreaded presentation. Most of us have been there. Whether it’s been in school or at work, a lot of us know the feeling of anxiety that comes in the hours that precede a big presentation or speech. It seems as though no matter how many times we present, the hours leading up to it can be nerve-racking and uncomfortable.

But like many other instances in life, the key is preparation. So how does one get to the point where presenting becomes as easygoing as anything else?

1. Check your energy: Start off the day with some exercise. Remember a lot of the anxiety you may feel before a presentation is due to adrenaline and there’s nothing like exercise to give you the calming effect you need before your turn to present.

2. Tell a friend about it: Reciting your presentation in front of a friend can be a great way to ensure you can explain it to someone other than just yourself.

3. Practice deep breathing: Never underestimate the calming power of a deep breath. Close your eyes and practice slow, deep breaths. There’s a reason the yogis do it!

4. Eat your breakfast: The last thing you want to worry about when you’re in front of everyone is how much grumbling your stomach is doing. You want to avoid and upset stomach at all costs and the best thing to do so is to eat well-balanced meals the day of.

5. Stretch: According to research, stretching releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Nothing like a good yawn and stretch to ease the nerves!

6.  Hang with your pet: Pets can significantly reduce the amount of stress in our daily lives. Plus they’ll be home and ready to cuddle no matter what the outcome of your presentation is.

7. Laugh: They say laughter is the best medicine and they aren’t wrong. Crack some jokes with friends or watch some funny videos. It’s almost guaranteed to lift some of the stress.


8. Get to know your subject: No, it doesn’t mean memorize sentences to recite. Really get to know the material you’re speaking about inside and out.


9. Bring out the Mozart: Or Beethoven, whatever you prefer. Research has shown that classical music is an excellent way to calm nerves and reduce anxiety before stressful events.


10. Remember it will soon be over: A lot of the stress that comes with big presentations and speeches stems from the inability to see past the next hour or so. Once you’ve prepared as much as possible, all you can do is try your very best and look forward to it being over!

Presenta Plaque Award Kit Given to Brighton Police Department Officer for Act of Heroism

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The Brighton Police Department awarded Officer Ryan Lehigh the Brighton Police Department Lifesaving Award after his quick-thinking saved a 35 year-old man.

Phoenix, AZ. –Officer Ryan Lehigh was recognized for his lifesaving act during the Brighton Town Board Meeting on June 24, 2015. Officer Lehigh was presented with the Brighton Police Department Lifesaving Award after he arrived at a scene where authorities said a man was struggling to breathe and turning blue.

Officer Lehigh quickly performed a patient assessment on the man and determined the use of the opioid receptor antagonist, Narcan was necessary. The man soon began breathing on his own and showing signs of improvement.

The Brighton Police Department concluded that it was thanks to Officer Lehigh’s quick thinking and calmness that the man was able to survive the incident, which was later determined to be an accidental overdose.

In the midst of endless police scrutiny, Presenta Plaque stands firmly behind officers who value citizen safety and life above all other things. The company is proud to be a part of the recognition of men and women whose quick-thinking and skill is able to save lives and keep those safe from outside harm and otherwise.

Presenta Plaques, available in oak, walnut and black marble, are a timeless and elegant token of gratitude for anyone and the ultimate way to show one’s appreciation for any act, big or small. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Presenta Plaque is sure to have an award or bulk plaque kit solution for your company or municipality’s needs.

For additional information on Presenta Plaque, visit www.presentaplaque.com.

About Presenta Plaque:

Presenta Plaque is a one stop shop for certificate plaques. All our plaques are sold in case quantity and ship from our factory directly to you.

We offer two basic styles. The first are Pocket Plaques which are pre-assembled and ready for your certificate or award to slip right into. The second is our Plaque Kits which come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn your certificate or award into a beautiful plaque. They are both easy to assemble and beautiful to look at.




Media Contact:

Christine Holtz

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8 Post-Season Awards for Your Youth Sports Team

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Youth sports for many children is the first experience of team-work and responsibility on a personal level. In many ways, these moments spent practicing and playing are the building blocks for future attitudes and values. The importance of hard-work and camaraderie are stressed at a time where most children lack the platform to grow and learn in a similar way. Not only are youth sports a tremendous fundamental tool for maturity, but they’re also some of the most enjoyable times your child will experience. Coming together with a group of friends to achieve victory is a fantastic feeling but when the season comes to an end you want to recognize each player’s achievements to further boost confidence. Presenta Plaque’s plaques are perfect for post-season awards that cap off your teams time spent, while recognizing the individual excellence of your players.

Hardest Hit: This one is more specific for contact sports like football and hockey, but the meaning of the award is huge. For many young boys there is few better feelings than being known as the bruiser among their peers.

Team-Spirit: The importance of having players that buy into the direction of the team cannot be understated. Often there are one or two players that emerge as the most spirited and deserve recognition for it. Furthermore, giving an award for those exhibiting qualities of spirit and positivity will encourage future players to do the same.

Dirtiest Uniform: Grit and toughness are huge strengths to a team and one of the images associated with these qualities are a dirty uniform. The Dirtiest Uniform signifies the player who was willing to slide into first base or dive for the interception in the end zone.

Play of the Year: Many teams are marked by a standout play that either turned their season around or cemented its success. Whether it was a game winning Hail Mary or a 9th inning grand slam, this award recognizes the play that was instrumental to your team’s ultimate success.

Best Offensive Player: Scoring points is the sole difference between victory and defeat, which is why showcasing the players that contributed the most offensively is important.

Best Defensive Player: “Defense win’s championships.” We’ve heard this countless times but it remains true. The player with the most blocks, tackles, or putouts/assists is a huge attribute to a winning team.

Most Improved Player: While youth sports are very concerned with winning, the goal of the team and its coaches should be to promote improvement. At the end of the day, players will move on to High School and continue playing their respective sports which is why development is crucial.

Rookie of the Year: For many children, youth sports are an introduction to competition. On any given year you may have a dozen or more first time players and recognizing the most productive first year player can be a huge confidence boost.



Thanking Community Heroes with Plaques

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At a very young age we learn that our community heroes are often doctors, police officers, firefighters, and teachers. During our elementary school years, the most we learn about these heroes is their occupation, not necessarily how to thank them. Sure at the end of the day these heroes know that they did their job right and successfully, but it would mean so much more to them when gratitude is expressed back from the community. Here are a few ideas that can extend beyond a “thank you” for our community heroes.

Thank You Cards: Even though this is a simple gesture, this can go a long way as far as gratitude goes. Not only is a simple “thank you” card a great gesture, but it is a great opportunity to write your own personal message on the card.

Monthly Community Potluck: Even though this is usually a gathering of friends and family, a potluck at a neighborhood park for the community heroes can express immense gratitude. This is also a perfect opportunity to thank them graciously in person.

Give Them a Plaque: Giving a community hero a plaque is one of the most immense gestures they can ever receive. It is a sentimental reward that community heroes can hang up in their office as a daily reminder of the community’s gratitude.

Career Day: Career Day at elementary schools is a day reserved for doctors, firefighters and police officers alike to talk about their careers to young children. At the end of their session, they are usually followed by a “thank you” from the teachers and students, but why not extend that “thank you” by giving them desserts and thank you cards?

Thank You at Encounters: If you encounter a community hero outside of their work, make sure you take the time out to extend that thank you!

Make a Facebook Page: A good and unique way to reward community heroes is to start a Facebook group exclusively for community heroes where people can post their gratitude or share their stories with community heroes. This is a great way to give community heroes something to smile about every time they log in!

Have a Fundraiser Event: When planning a next fundraiser event, consider fire and police charities!


Besides this list of options, there is still so much more you can do to extend your gratitude to community heroes, just try to go beyond a “thank you”! Make a community hero’s day brighter.

Presenta Plaque Award Kits Used to Reward Village of Arlington Heights Volunteers

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The Village of Arlington Heights in Illinois awarded volunteers from the Frontier Days, Inc. non-profit organization with Presenta Plaque award kits.

Phoenix, AZ. – The organization responsible for putting on the annual Frontier Days Festival every 4th of July was awarded by Mayor Tom Hayes and the rest of the Village Board on June 15th for its 40th anniversary.

Members of Frontier Days, Inc.’s Board of Directors accepted the award on behalf of the organization. The volunteers, otherwise known as “red shirts”, were recognized for their “outstanding dedication to organizing the annual Frontier Days Festival and Parade for 40 years.”

The committee originally formed in 1975 when the Village of Arlington Heights appointed a Bicentennial Commission to create a village-wide celebration to honor the nation’s 200th birthday. Since then, the organization has dedicated itself to putting on the village’s 4th of July celebration each year for almost half a century. Though it now consists of over 500 volunteers ages 21-80+, the organization still functions as a non-profit and continues to provide free entertainment and events for families in the community.

Above all else, Presenta Plaque values the spirit of community and giving back. The company is honored to be a part of recognizing members of Frontier Days Inc. who are passionate about celebrating this nation and bringing the spirit of community to everyone around them.

Presenta Plaques, available in oak, walnut and black marble, are a timeless and elegant token of gratitude for anyone and the ultimate way to show one’s appreciation for any act, big or small. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Presenta Plaque is sure to have an award or bulk plaque kit solution for your company or municipality’s needs.

For additional information on Presenta Plaque, visit www.presentaplaque.com.

About Presenta Plaque:

Presenta Plaque is a one stop shop for certificate plaques. All our plaques are sold in case quantity and ship from our factory directly to you.

We offer two basic styles. The first are Pocket Plaques which are pre-assembled and ready for your certificate or award to slip right into. The second is our Plaque Kits which come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn your certificate or award into a beautiful plaque. They are both easy to assemble and beautiful to look at.




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Christine Holtz

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Award Ceremony Themes for Your Big Event

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Award ceremonies aren’t always the most fun events to attend. There’s the occasional gala thrown by a big company where guests can enjoy cocktails and finger foods, but for the most part, these ceremonies are events that no one really looks forward to unless they are being honored. So how do you make these events something everyone can look forward to?


One exciting way hosts have found keeps guests interested and entertained is the addition of a theme. There are many different kinds of fandoms and cultures that people are passionate about and would love to incorporate into their everyday lives.


So how do you choose?

Get to know your team members if you haven’t already. Find some common interests and decide on the theme that would work best for everyone. By tapping into your staff’s interests, you can make it easier for them to feel comfortable contributing and bringing enthusiasm to the brainstorming session.


If you find there is more than one common interest, you can easily cast a vote and get your theme ready to roll before your next event!


The themes:


1. Super heroes: Super heroes have built a serious amount of buzz since the comic book companies began creating and rebooting the films. These always seem to go over well with the crowd and are guaranteed to bring out the excited 10 year-old in everyone!


2. The Golden Age: Everyone is enamored with the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood and the excitement of the prohibition era. This could be a great time to break out the fedoras and flapper dresses!


3. 50’s Glamour: There’s a very particular sophistication that comes with the 50’s. It was an explosive time for business, family values, the American dream and pop culture. Your staff is sure to draw endless inspiration from the iconic era.


4. Casino Night: Bring Las Vegas right to your ceremony. Entertain guests with vibrant decorations, extravagant costumes and unique cocktails that will make them forget they are at a work-related event!


5. Mardis Gras: There’s nothing like celebrating Mardis Gras in NOLA itself. But unless you make the trip to Louisiana it’s going to be hard to find the authentic feel. But why not try and bring all the color, booze delicious fried food and excitement to your awards ceremony?

5 People You Should Say Thanks to but Probably Haven’t Lately

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Every day we encounter people who have become part of our everyday routines. These are the people we expect to be there, to service us, to guide us or simply be our friend no matter what. Often, it’s easy to oversee these people when we encounter them often. It’s easy to fall into the mindset that these people will be there no matter what and often fail to recognize them as we should.

You may not stop and recognize how many people in your everyday life make things a little easier just by being themselves. Here are just a few people to consider.


1. A Teacher or Professor

It’s easy to shrug off teachers and professors as just educators, but the impact they have on students’ lives goes far beyond the classroom. It’s important to acknowledge how stressful it can be to teach a room full of adolescents. Teachers contribute a great deal and often get by without as much as a thank you. When was the last time you thanked an educator?


2. Your Doctor

From dealing with grumpy patients to helping someone cope with a chronic illness, doctors put up with a great deal of stress. Though they may not necessarily convey, it as their job is to always remain professional, they deserve to know someone is grateful for their efforts.


3. Your Boss

While you’d certainly think it should be you receiving thanks from your boss, there’s more to being the boss than just walking around with a big stick. These are the people that have to keep the show on the road regardless of what the other people on the ladder are doing.


4. A Friend

If your friends are more like drinking and shopping buddies, you may think the big ‘thank you’ speaks for itself. But when was the last time you gave a sincere thank you to someone who’s been by your side through the woes of life?


5. Maintenace Workers/Custodians

No one ever really gives much thought to how things get fixed or cleaned around the office. Well, its certainly not done my magical elves! Custodians and maintenace workers work after hours cleaning up after a day’s worth of office work and often they do not get recognition or thanks for their work. Greet one with a warm smile and a handshake next time!


There are many ways to thank those who help us everyday. From a card to a plaque, the opportunities to thank them are unlimited!