Award Ceremony Themes for Your Big Event

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Award ceremonies aren’t always the most fun events to attend. There’s the occasional gala thrown by a big company where guests can enjoy cocktails and finger foods, but for the most part, these ceremonies are events that no one really looks forward to unless they are being honored. So how do you make these events something everyone can look forward to?


One exciting way hosts have found keeps guests interested and entertained is the addition of a theme. There are many different kinds of fandoms and cultures that people are passionate about and would love to incorporate into their everyday lives.


So how do you choose?

Get to know your team members if you haven’t already. Find some common interests and decide on the theme that would work best for everyone. By tapping into your staff’s interests, you can make it easier for them to feel comfortable contributing and bringing enthusiasm to the brainstorming session.


If you find there is more than one common interest, you can easily cast a vote and get your theme ready to roll before your next event!


The themes:


1. Super heroes: Super heroes have built a serious amount of buzz since the comic book companies began creating and rebooting the films. These always seem to go over well with the crowd and are guaranteed to bring out the excited 10 year-old in everyone!


2. The Golden Age: Everyone is enamored with the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood and the excitement of the prohibition era. This could be a great time to break out the fedoras and flapper dresses!


3. 50’s Glamour: There’s a very particular sophistication that comes with the 50’s. It was an explosive time for business, family values, the American dream and pop culture. Your staff is sure to draw endless inspiration from the iconic era.


4. Casino Night: Bring Las Vegas right to your ceremony. Entertain guests with vibrant decorations, extravagant costumes and unique cocktails that will make them forget they are at a work-related event!


5. Mardis Gras: There’s nothing like celebrating Mardis Gras in NOLA itself. But unless you make the trip to Louisiana it’s going to be hard to find the authentic feel. But why not try and bring all the color, booze delicious fried food and excitement to your awards ceremony?

5 People You Should Say Thanks to but Probably Haven’t Lately

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Every day we encounter people who have become part of our everyday routines. These are the people we expect to be there, to service us, to guide us or simply be our friend no matter what. Often, it’s easy to oversee these people when we encounter them often. It’s easy to fall into the mindset that these people will be there no matter what and often fail to recognize them as we should.

You may not stop and recognize how many people in your everyday life make things a little easier just by being themselves. Here are just a few people to consider.


1. A Teacher or Professor

It’s easy to shrug off teachers and professors as just educators, but the impact they have on students’ lives goes far beyond the classroom. It’s important to acknowledge how stressful it can be to teach a room full of adolescents. Teachers contribute a great deal and often get by without as much as a thank you. When was the last time you thanked an educator?


2. Your Doctor

From dealing with grumpy patients to helping someone cope with a chronic illness, doctors put up with a great deal of stress. Though they may not necessarily convey, it as their job is to always remain professional, they deserve to know someone is grateful for their efforts.


3. Your Boss

While you’d certainly think it should be you receiving thanks from your boss, there’s more to being the boss than just walking around with a big stick. These are the people that have to keep the show on the road regardless of what the other people on the ladder are doing.


4. A Friend

If your friends are more like drinking and shopping buddies, you may think the big ‘thank you’ speaks for itself. But when was the last time you gave a sincere thank you to someone who’s been by your side through the woes of life?


5. Maintenace Workers/Custodians

No one ever really gives much thought to how things get fixed or cleaned around the office. Well, its certainly not done my magical elves! Custodians and maintenace workers work after hours cleaning up after a day’s worth of office work and often they do not get recognition or thanks for their work. Greet one with a warm smile and a handshake next time!


There are many ways to thank those who help us everyday. From a card to a plaque, the opportunities to thank them are unlimited!


10 Ways You Can Recognize a Great Teacher

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Most of our time as parents is spent trying to teach our kids a thing or two about respect and being good members of society. But once kids hit schooling age, we no longer have as much direct control as we’d like of the influences in our children’s life. By then, we have no choice but to pass on some of that trust to their teachers and other adults they are surrounded by in their time away from home. But luckily for parents, every school has adults who are eager to help kids succeed and ultimately bring more positivity to kids’ lives than most parents could hope for.

Though every teacher goes into the field to help children with their education, not all of them do what it takes to go above and beyond as a mentor and positive influence. We believe that those that do deserve the utmost respect and recognition. These are just a few of the ways students, parents and faculty can give great teachers the appreciation they deserve.


1. Nomination for a Golden Apple Award: Even if they don’t end up receiving the award, the fact that their students believe they make a good candidate can be very special to a teacher.


2. Thank You Letters at the End of the Year: Many people today underestimate the impact of a solid heart-felt letter, but a gesture like this could even make up for a whole year of headaches!


3. Shout Out During Morning Announcements: If the school has morning announcements, they’re probably more than willing to give a special shout out to a teacher from the class.


4.  Call the Principal and Put in a Good Word: While many parents reserve the phone call to the principal for a complaint, it could be refreshing to hear a positive comment for once.


5. Petition for a Teacher of the Month Program: If your child’s school doesn’t already have one, get together with some other parents to recognize noteworthy teachers monthly.


6. Recognize the Small Successes: If your child was struggling in a subject and improved thanks to the help of a teacher, say thank you with something as small as a gift card for coffee on you.


7. Invite Local Businesses to Offer Teacher Discounts: Smaller businesses are more likely to want to help with some of these discounts.


8. Decorate the Classroom: Banners, balloons, streamers. Enough said.


9. Reach out to Your Newspaper: If you know anyone in your local paper, send over a pitch about a local teacher whose work is impacting students.


10. Recognize them with a Plaque: Choose the style and personalize a plaque for a deserving teacher you know here.

Special Honors and Awards Given to Hollywood Actors and Musicians

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Since Hollywood actors, actresses and musicians have realized the magnitude of their influence, many of them have dedicated their lives to not only entertaining the public, but educating it and raising awareness for different causes. It wasn’t long before the organizations they represented and worked for began recognizing them as well. Through the past couple decades many Hollywood icons have won numerous awards for their humanitarian efforts and work for charities.


1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was awarded the Global Humanitarian Award by the United Nations Association of the USA for her work with refugees.  The actress/director has won many awards for her work as a humanitarian and contributions to charities and help in raising awareness for them.


2. Paul McCartney

The former Beatle was awarded the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song by the White House for his decades of contribution to the music industry and inspiration of genres that proceeded the Beatles era. The award is the highest honor for any musician, whether singer or songwriter. Previous recipients include Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon.


3. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama in 2014. The honor is awarded to individuals who have contributed to national security, world peace, culture or any other significant cause and it is the highest honor a civilian can receive. Previous recipients include Georgia O’Keefe, Maya Angelou, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Henry Ford II.


4. Sir Elton John

Elton John was appointed Commander of the British Empire and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, making him Sir Elton John. Sir Elton was awarded this honor for all his contributions to music both in the United States and England and for his support and efforts in raising funds and awareness in the fight against AIDS.


5. George Clooney

Clooney has received his fair share of awards for his acting career, but his work as a humanitarian was recognized when he was honored as the fourth ever recipient of the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award by the Television Academy Board of Governors. This prestigious honor has been awarded to Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby for their contributions to television and humanitarian work outside of the television and film industry.




Famous Plaques Around the World

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Plaques have been used to commemorate people, places and events for centuries. From congratulations to memorials, plaques are a beautiful and permanent way to remember what deserves recognition. Throughout the world there are many great instances of plaques serving as honors and somewhat landmarks where people can come to remember, pay their respects or simply enjoy the little piece of history.


The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is perhaps one of the most recognized and visited plaque sites. Whether tourists are visiting to take a photo with their favorite Hollywood stars’ plaques or just there for the shops, it’s an iconic place to visit and enjoy with friends and family.


London’s Blue Plaques

If you ever get the chance to wander the historic streets of London, make sure you look around for these iconic circular plaques on the outside of buildings. The Royal Society of Arts, the London County Council, the Greater London Council and English Heritage have all worked together to place these plaques outside buildings of historical significance. Looking closely, you might see anything from the home of Alfred Hitchcock to the home in which Wolfgang Mozart composed his first symphony.


Resolute Desk Plaque

Resolute Desk or the Presidential Desk is an iconic piece of the White House since it was first given to Rutherford B. Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880; though it wasn’t always in the Presidential Office. It was Jackie Kennedy who first brought the iconic ship-made wooden desk into the Oval Office for John F. Kennedy and it has since remained there with the exception of a brief period where it traveled with the Kennedy Presidential Library and was displayed in the Smithsonian. The desk features a plaque in the front face which details its fascinating history as the HMS Resolute and later a sign of gratitude from The Queen to President Hayes.


The 9/11 Memorial

The September 11th memorial located in what was ground zero is now the location of a beautiful memorial dedicated to the commemoration of everyone who lost their lives during the tragic attack. The memorial located where the World Trade Center was now stands as an enormous 16-acre site with both waterfalls comprising about half of the land area. But perhaps the most captivating component of the memorial is the surrounding bronze plaques with the names of all the victims lost in the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers. The design was selected as the winner out of 5,200 entries from around the world.


Order your own plaque at:

You can build a plaque to remember a loved one, celebrate an event or give a little more permanence to something important to you at


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in the Workplace

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The concept of rewarding is one that has been a big part of learning in the workforce, in the home and in the development process for as long as we can remember. Humans develop a basic need for positive reinforcement at a very young age and it continues to help them learn new skills as they grow into their adolescent years. In their adult years, these forms of motivation can be key for progress in adults. But while it may be easy to give everyone a pat on the back and hope it will motivate them to do a good job, not everyone has the same type of motivation, this is where intrinsic and extrinsic motivation come in.


Extrinsic: This is the type of rewarding we associate with younger kids growing up. Extrinsic motivation comes from external influences and factors. Whether that’s a “good job” or an award plaque of some sort, some people are motivated the most by positive reinforcement.


Intrinsic: Conversely, intrinsic motivation comes from internal sources such as the rewarding feelings that come from fulfillment and self-actualization. People who are motivated by these are driven by their own aspirations to be better.


A large part of deciding how –as a boss, team leader or coworker–you will help push your team, is getting to know what kind of motivation would be most effective for them. The first step is determining who on your team is an intrinsically motivated and who is extrinsically motivated. Once you’ve determined this, you can go on to decide how it’d be best to reward or encourage them. As you may have guessed, there is no one-size-fits-all for making people feel motivated to do better. Both types demand unique reinforcement, this is not to say it’s difficult, but there are small things you can do to help give your team the boost it needs.


Rewarding extrinsically motivated people:


  1. Verbal praise
  2. Monetary gain (raises if appropriate)
  3. Awards/Plaques & Certificates
  4. Good reviews (if warranted)

5.   Vacation time


Rewarding intrinsically motivated people:


  1. Verbal praise
  2. More responsibility
  3. More freedom
  4. More opportunities to expand their craft
  5. Leadership opportunities



Rewarding Customer Loyalty

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If you run a business you know you see many faces daily. Some are one-time only customers, others come in every once in a while. But every company has those few customers whose loyalty made them almost part of the team. These are the people you know by name or maybe just by face, but either way, they’re the first to want to know about new products and always the most supportive.


Often these familiar faces receive no more than a friendly smile and great customer service from the staff they’ve come to know. But why not reward these customers with more than the usual next time they come in? These are some great ideas for showing your customers how much their loyalty means to you:



1. Surprise them with a gift card

Next time they come in, process their transaction as usual and hand them a gift card. It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s a nice way to say thanks to an un-expecting customer!


2. A sincere ‘Thank You’

People underestimate the power of sincere thanks. Day-to-day life for many consists of doing good deeds for others that often go unnoticed. Even if a customer’s only good deed is coming in and shopping quietly at your store for years, they deserve a big thank you for their loyalty.


3. Show them they’re a part of the family

After all, what’s a company without a loyal customer base to keep it afloat? Loyal customers are an integral part of a company’s success. They are an important part of the whole that is a company


4. Make special deals for regulars

Why not reward those who have helped so much with your success? A sale just for them could be the perfect way to show them you appreciate them. This may work better if you’re a smaller business and you can apply this to individuals as they come by.


5. Ask their opinion on store matters

It doesn’t mean they will have a say in any huge company moves, but you can always ask their opinion. Let them know you’d like the feedback of a loyal consumer and someone who is as familiar with the brand as they are. They’ll love that you took them into consideration and who knows, you might get some valuable feedback!


6. Give them their own plaque

There’s nothing quite like receiving your very own plaque. A “Customer of the Year” plaque could be the perfect way to show your regular customers just how much you appreciate their loyalty throughout the years.

Award Plaque Company Used to Honor Flagstaff Boy’s Heroic Act

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The Flagstaff Fire Department Honored local boy Jaden Shepherd with a Presenta Plaque award plaque, following the rescue of his grandparents.
Phoenix, AZ. – On Sunday, February 8, 2015, the Flagstaff Fire Department honored 10 year-old Jaden Shepherd who heroically rescued himself, his grandparents and their two dogs after they fell through thin ice near their home in Flagstaff.
Jaden and his grandparents fell through the ice while trying to rescue their two dogs who had just fallen in. Jaden managed to crawl out and save one dog and he then proceeded to rescue his grandfather who then helped him save Jaden’s grandmother and the other dog.
A Presenta Plaque award plaque was given to Jaden by the FFD and he was later given a tour of the Flagstaff Fire Station and a ride on one of the fire trucks as a special thank you from the fire department.
Extraordinary events like these make Presenta Plaque very proud to be a part of honoring heroes in their communities young and old alike. Events like these don’t happen every day and Presenta Plaque believes acts such as these are the greatest examples of human kindness and bravery and thus should be rewarded as such.
Presenta Plaques, available in oak, walnut and black marble, are a timeless and elegant token of gratitude for anyone and the ultimate way to show one’s appreciation for any act, big or small. Proudly made in the U.S.A., Presenta Plaque is sure to have an award or bulk plaque kit solution for your company or municipality’s needs.
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About Presenta Plaque:
Presenta Plaque is a one stop shop for certificate plaques. All our plaques are sold in case quantity and ship from our factory directly to you. We have low wholesale prices with single plaques available at retail prices.
We offer two basic styles. The first are Pocket Plaques which are pre-assembled and ready for your certificate or award to slip right into. The second is our Plaque Kits which come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn your certificate or award into a beautiful plaque. They are both easy to assemble and beautiful to look at.

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Rewarding Millennials and Future Communities

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When one thinks of the Millennial Generation, it’s often hard to picture more than what we see at first glance. For many, the tattoos, diverse (sometimes odd) clothing and of course that new electronic extension of their right hand, make it hard to believe that they will be the ones to solve the world’s perils. Many can’t imagine that they will bring anything more to the world other than narcissism, false senses of entitlement and all the more portable selfie sticks.


But the Millennial Generation has challenged many of the rules and norms set by the generations that preceded them. Their priorities are different, their values are more aligned with their work and they’ve already begun to transform the companies and communities they are a part of.



Environmental Awareness: A very important change Millennials have been a driving force in is environmental awareness. While they certainly did not begin this movement, most of them have grown up with the understanding that humans have taken a toll on the earth in terms of the environment. This issue has been of particular concern to them and many are already searching for smarter and more innovative ways to repair these damages.


Fulfilling Careers Over Big Salaries: There was a time when the most important thing to most new graduates, or really any members of the work force, was rising in the ranks and claiming their big bonus at the end of the year. While this is still the case for many, money doesn’t necessarily equal success for Millennials and it’s certainly not the ultimate end goal for them.  Millennials are more and more seeking out careers that are personally satisfying to them and not necessarily just financially rewarding.


Innovation: Amongst Millennials, the “work smarter, not harder” motto is one that is widely practiced. Just as their name would suggest, they are forward-thinking and often recognize that the old way doesn’t always mean the best way. Many of them are eager to find new and improved ways to do things that people in their company have been doing for years. These qualities make Millennials valued members of companies, especially those seeking to reach new audiences and stay with the times.


Enforcing Transparency: Millennials are notorious for not accepting every answer they are given as the “right” answer. Though they don’t follow traditional media with the same commitment as older generations, Millennials find their own ways to look deeper into companies’ track records and history. One of their biggest concerns for Millennials when out seeking jobs is transparency. Like the founders of journalism once sought out the truth behind the tycoons of their time, Millennials seek jobs with companies that are transparent about their practices and whose values align with theirs.

Award Plaque Company Used to Honor California Police Officer

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 Fontana Police Department awarded Officer Julio Landaverde with a Presenta Plaque-made award for his work in a vehicular pursuit.

Phoenix, AZ. – On Tuesday, January 13, Officer Julio Landaverde was named Employee of the Month at the Fontana Police Department and presented with a Presenta Plaque Award at the Fontana City Council meeting.

The honor came after Landaverde’s work resulted in the arrest of an armed suspect following a vehicular pursuit, said Fontana Police Department.According to Police Chief Rodney Jones, the pursuit began when two civilians notified Landaverde that they had been shot at. Landaverde then pursued the suspect on the Interstate 10 through Fontana.

Fontana. For his heroic act and successful arrest of the suspect, the Fontana Police Department felt it was appropriate to honor Landaverde for his heroic work and present him with a Presenta Plaque award.

Presenta Plaque is very excited to be a part of the honoring of community heroes all around the country. These brave men and women are a crucial part of keeping communities safe and Presenta Plaque believes in the opportunity of recognizing them as often as possible.

Presenta Plaques, available in oak, walnut and black marble, are the perfect way to show someone that their hard work does not go unnoticed. Whether for a brave officer in the line of duty or the crosswalk guard that ensures the safety of our children, Presenta Plaques are a classic and beautiful way to say thank you.

Proudly made in the U.S.A., Presenta Plaque is sure to have an award or bulk plaque kit solution for your company or municipality’s needs.

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About Presenta Plaque:

Presenta Plaque is a one stop shop for certificate plaques. All our plaques are sold in case quantity and ship from our factory directly to you. We have low wholesale prices with single plaques available at retail prices.

We offer two basic styles. The first are Pocket Plaques which are pre-assembled and ready for your certificate or award to slip right into. The second is our Plaque Kits which come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn your certificate or award into a beautiful plaque. They are both easy to assemble and beautiful to look at.




Media Contact:

Christine Holtz

Phoenix Marketing Associates