Tips on Creating Certificate

10 Tips to Creating Your Own Certificate

by PresentaPlaque Admin | on Jul 01, 2011 | No Comments

1- Decide on the size of your paper. If you’re using your desktop printer you’ll probably want to stick to a standard 8 ½” x 11” certificate. This will fit easily into our most popular Plaques. If you want to get creative we also offer a 6”x 8” and a 8”x10” solution. The larger 11”x14” plaque will require a printer capable of handling this size paper.

2- Select which Presenta Plaque you’ll be using. We offer many sizes, colors and styles. Go to our website or call us at 1-800-824-2930 and start shopping!

3- Pick the right paper. The size of the paper isn’t the only thing that’s important. Consider getting some card stock to give your certificate a little more substance. Office supply stores sell this in many weights and colors. Make sure you don’t go too heavy on the weight of the paper or it might jam your printer might and have trouble fitting it into our Pocket Plaques.

4- Horizontal or Vertical? Your choice. All of our Plauqes are able to hang either vertically or horizontally.

5- Start with a general layout. The simplest word processing software allows you to layout and design a certificate. The locations of pictures, recipients name, logos, dates, signatures and verbiage all need to be considered.

6- Save variations as you go. If you think you have a good design “save as” a new version and work from there. You’ll always have the old version you liked if you change your mind.

7- Photographs, clip art, logos?  Something that symbolizes you the sponsor of the award is important. After all you’re giving this award in the hopes that it will be proudly and prominently displayed. A digital photo of your school, business or institution is great. An easily recognizable logo works well too.

8- The recipient’s name should be LARGE. Let’s face it we all like to see our name in print, so make it the most prominent thing on the certificate and it will be proudly displayed.

9- Use complimentary colors. Select colors for your type and artwork that go well with the color of the Presenta Plaque you have chosen. Try lots of variations and see what works best.

10- Print it and try it in your Presenta Plaque. Mount it in one of our Presenta Plaque Kits or simply slide it into our Pocket Plaque. You now have a certificate on your computer. You can have an award personalized, printed and mounted in a Plaque in just minutes.