Rewarding Millennials

Rewarding Millennials and Future Communities

by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 22, 2015 | No Comments

When one thinks of the Millennial Generation, it’s often hard to picture more than what we see at first glance. For many, the tattoos, diverse (sometimes odd) clothing and of course that new electronic extension of their right hand, make it hard to believe that they will be the ones to solve the world’s perils. Many can’t imagine that they will bring anything more to the world other than narcissism, false senses of entitlement and all the more portable selfie sticks.


But the Millennial Generation has challenged many of the rules and norms set by the generations that preceded them. Their priorities are different, their values are more aligned with their work and they’ve already begun to transform the companies and communities they are a part of.



Environmental Awareness: A very important change Millennials have been a driving force in is environmental awareness. While they certainly did not begin this movement, most of them have grown up with the understanding that humans have taken a toll on the earth in terms of the environment. This issue has been of particular concern to them and many are already searching for smarter and more innovative ways to repair these damages.


Fulfilling Careers Over Big Salaries: There was a time when the most important thing to most new graduates, or really any members of the work force, was rising in the ranks and claiming their big bonus at the end of the year. While this is still the case for many, money doesn’t necessarily equal success for Millennials and it’s certainly not the ultimate end goal for them.  Millennials are more and more seeking out careers that are personally satisfying to them and not necessarily just financially rewarding.


Innovation: Amongst Millennials, the “work smarter, not harder” motto is one that is widely practiced. Just as their name would suggest, they are forward-thinking and often recognize that the old way doesn’t always mean the best way. Many of them are eager to find new and improved ways to do things that people in their company have been doing for years. These qualities make Millennials valued members of companies, especially those seeking to reach new audiences and stay with the times.


Enforcing Transparency: Millennials are notorious for not accepting every answer they are given as the “right” answer. Though they don’t follow traditional media with the same commitment as older generations, Millennials find their own ways to look deeper into companies’ track records and history. One of their biggest concerns for Millennials when out seeking jobs is transparency. Like the founders of journalism once sought out the truth behind the tycoons of their time, Millennials seek jobs with companies that are transparent about their practices and whose values align with theirs.