Rewarding Employees

Plaque Awards For Small Businesses

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When was the last time you were recognized for an accomplishment?  Or maybe there is something that you’re proud of that you want to display for others to see.   That’s where plaques can come in quite handy.

Plaques are a nice way to acknowledge the accomplishments of not only the company as a whole, but your individual employees as well.  Starting with maybe an accolade in a newspaper or magazine.  You can clip that piece out and make a plaque with it to proudly display.  Or perhaps  you want to proudly display the first dollar you made in this business.   By displaying these accolades potential customers can see some of your accomplishments and it may influence them to use your business more often.

Whether or not you have 5 or 50 employees, people love to be recognized for their work.  There are lots of reasons to recognize employees, starting with attendance.  There are some people that never seem to get sick so why not recognize them for this.  Start handing out plaques for those who maybe have never called out sick that month.  Why not recognize those who are always early or on time and then stay late to help out.  Those plaques are a simple cost to you the employer, but for those on the receiving end it is invaluable.  That simple token of kindness on your behalf will have those employees not only excited to go to work, but they will be excited to continue to please.  There can be a plaque given to the individual worker and a larger one on display for the entire office to see.

Another type of plaque could be one of simple recognition.  Maybe you have an employee that constantly goes above and beyond.  Perhaps they loaned a helping hand to someone on a project.  Maybe they came up with a new idea to do something.  Or perhaps they found a safety or health violation and did something to not only correct it, but make sure it doesn’t happen again.   The recognition they receive for this type of work could serve as motivation for others.  We are talking about an employer  spending very little for these types of recognitions, but the rewards can be plentiful.

At Presenta Plaque, we have kits and plaques that can suit any budget or need.  We can point you in the direction that would work best for what you’re trying to achieve and design something that works best for you and what you’re trying to accomplish.  It may come across as a simple act for you to put this together, but in the long run you the employer can only benefit.  Show those who work for you just how much you appreciate what they do, but exactly how much you care.

Easy Ways to Motivate Excellence in Your Work Place

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Deadlines and work loads can very quickly make work a stressful place for everyone. In the midst of exhaustion and shortages of hands, it’s easy to forget what one is working for. While feet will keep moving and the job will continue to get done, it’s important that employees know their hard work is appreciated and is not going unnoticed, even when it sometimes feels that way. There are many ways to motivate a team and remind them that no matter how frustrating the job is, someone is always taking note of their efforts.


Not all of these methods involve ceremonies or a gold star next to their picture somewhere in the break room. Here are some fun, easy ways to keep the positive energy flowing in your place of work:


Positive Reinforcement:

From a simple “keep up the good work” email to a friendly card, positive reinforcement is an essential part of keeping a team with their eyes on the prize. Take the time to tell someone when they’ve done a great job at something; even if the task seems trivial, it’s always nice to hear. This doesn’t necessarily mean dishing out the compliments at every given moment, but an unexpected “great job” can go a long way.

Award Plaques:

If you’re looking to really make your employees feel appreciated, there’s no better way to do it than with a plaque. These are something you may want to use sparingly. Plaques are a nice way to recognize hard work at the end of trying tasks or big projects that required a lot of extra hours and hard work. Presenta Plaque offers beautiful self-assemble plaque kits which make an excellent token of gratitude for employees.


A drawing or a raffle is a fun way to get everyone involved. The prize doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, movie tickets or a gift card are enough to say thanks. Raffles are also great because rather than isolating one person in the group and recognizing their efforts, it gives the whole team an equal chance at winning something. You can go as big or small as you want with this one, depending on how often you’d like to do it.



You really can never go wrong with food. Cookies, donuts or any snack really are a nice thing to walk in to in the morning. Make sure you set out a nice note to let them know you’re appreciative of their hard work. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when there are cookies involved!

Recognize Them at A Meeting:

Simply acknowledging someone’s hard work is usually enough, but saying thank you in front of a group of people can mean a lot to an employee. It is always great to be recognized by colleagues and others that are regularly part of your team.