Reward Office Staff

Plan an Award Night for Your Team

by Presenta Plaque | on Oct 12, 2015 | No Comments

Award nights around the workplace don’t come around often. Many times when they do, they can overlook some of the most valuable and hardworking team members in the company, awarding only those at the top or those who position themselves in front of the right people. Luckily, there are many ways to award your team without having to wait for a company-wide awards ceremony.


One easy yet very special way to say thanks to your team or department involves minimal planning and can mean a lot to the everyday work heroes. Here’s all you have to do:


1. Get everyone in the loop: If you don’t already, get a Facebook group going for your department. Let them all know you (if you’re the boss or a supervisor) are grateful for their effort and would like to thank them with an award night!


2. Choose a place: The venue could be anywhere, whether it’s a restaurant or the office during after hours, as long as you think it’s a place your team will enjoy! If you’re planning to host your awards night at a restaurant, make sure to call ahead of time to ensure they can make the proper accommodations for your group.


3. Set a budget: Early on in your planning process, set aside a budget for how much you want to spend on awards, food, decorations etc. It’s also important to figure out where the money is coming from. Run the idea by your company and see if they are willing to allocate a budget for the event.


4. Decide how you will award your team: Whether you are planning to hand out plaques at your awards night, simple award certificates or cupcakes, you should decide how you want to recognize them. Do you want to recognize everyone for their individual talents? Do you want to stick to the standard awards and thank everyone as a whole for their work? No matter what you decide, you should make sure to plan ahead and be prepared.


5. Don’t forget the entertainment! Last but certainly not least, remember to think of some forms of entertainment for the event. This could be anything from games, to trivia to music or dance. Depending on what your budget is and how big you plan to go, you could invest in a liquor license and include beverages for your team.