Reward Good Employees

Celebrate Your Employees with Awards

by Presenta Plaque | on Aug 28, 2015 | No Comments

Who doesn’t love an award?  There are plenty of reasons for awards.  Celebrities get them sometimes just for showing up to events.  Dogs get awards for being the best in show, but when was the last time that you got an award for work?

There are plenty of reasons for people to be recognized at work.  A plaque could be an easy way to handle that recognition and give your employee a morale boost.

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate employee achievements.  Some of the more common ways can be length of service, retirement and attendance.  Just think how nice it would be to recognize someone for their loyalty.  Maybe a celebration of 5 years of service or a thank you at the end of a year.  Recognizing someone before they step down is nice as well.  Employees who retire from a business deserve to have their service acknowledged.  There are plenty of employment options, the fact they chose to stay at one place for so long speaks volumes.  Attendance is also a nice recognition.  People can and will call out sick, especially for mental health days.  There are plenty who have never abused the system.  Those employees deserve more than a pat on the back.

You can also recognize people for following the rules.  This is especially important in an industrial environment.  Safety is always being reviewed and stressed at those places of employment, but accidents can and will happen.  If someone can prevent an accident or makes sure their co-workers are following all the rules, why not recognize them.  Those acts of prevention save employers money, a simple plaque to say “thank you” is a lovely gesture for their work.

Finally there is recognition for performance.  Customer service is key everywhere you go.  People respond well to positive treatment and feedback.  When you find an employee who goes above and beyond to make sure your guests are taken care of that treatment should be rewarded.  You can even rotate and recognize people at different periods.  Remember how great it was to be named the “Student-of-the-Month,” it feels just as good if not better as an adult.  An “Employee-of-the-Month” program where not only is there an individual plaque but one on display within your store.  This shows your guests that you not only appreciate your employees, but it also shows your employees care for your guests.

Plaques come in all shapes and sizes.  You can include your company logo.  Many are inexpensive.  Most importantly what they can lead to in return, money cannot put a price tag on.