Choosing the Perfect Plaque for Bulk Plaques

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So many organizations hand out certificates and awards. We make it easy! Impress anyone with the award or certificate already framed in a beautiful plaque kit.

If you’re needing to order frames or plaques for your office, non-profit, restaurant or business awards, articles or teams, you should consider ordering from a company that is trusted locally and nationwide in the industry for decades!

Why choose a plaque kit over a frame?

Easy to Assemble

Presenta Plaques are made to be assembled easily yet maintain the beautiful classic look of a custom-made plaque. We believe that just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. We find beauty in the classic simplicity of a well-crafted wooden plaque.

Classic Look

Customers can choose from the same beautifully classic displays they’d expect. From black marble to walnut, there’s no doubt each of these makes a proud display for your greatest achievements.

Wholesale Pricing

Whether you’re buying 1 plaque or 100, Presenta Plaque doesn’t expect its loyal customers to pay ridiculous retail pricing for a product we love and stand behind. We believe in fair pricing for great products and that’s just what we provide.

Ships the Next Day

We make shipping easier than ever with our next-day shipping policy for all orders placed so you won’t have to wait longer than you need to and you can have your plaques in a jiff if you’re in a rush. We also make it easy to re-order if you decide you need to place another order with Presenta Plaque!

Save When Ordering Over Certain Quantity

We want you to have your plaques and if you’re ordering in large quantities, we don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of our customers. If you’re ordering from us, we want you to know we appreciate your business and want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your order!

We’re a Veteran Owned Small Business

We’re proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business in the Valley! As veteran-owned business, we take great pride in providing the best quality products for customers and supporting one another to ensure that veteran businesses thrive within our communities.

We Have A Lot to Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving!

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, our family at Presenta Plaque has a lot to be thankful for, including our great customers!

For all of you who have ordered plaques throughout the years, we thank you! We also hope you will keep us in mind heading into the New Year.

If you own a business, such as a restaurant, a Presenta Plaque is a classy way to display a write-up in the local paper and a certificate bragging about a great food inspection score.

Don’t forget about your employees. When they go the extra mile, what a great way to recognize all of their hard work than with a plaque? Be sure to include the employee’s name, date and/or date they started with your company, the company name along with an award title.

In addition to presenting plaques to employees, make duplicate plaques so you can prominently display them for customers. It’ll send a strong message you care about your staff. You could even do a customer appreciation day where you offer discounts, displayed on a plaque at the front, or recognize loyal customers by presenting them with a plaque.

During this season of giving, you might want to recognize that special volunteer. Thanking volunteers is not only good manners but a great way to build relationships. When their friends and family members see their Presenta Plaque, it could also encourage them to get involved with your cause and volunteer and/or donate.

Think about people at your church. As part of the congregation, you might want to do something nice for a person in charge whether it’s the minister, priest, rabbi, or someone else on the administrative staff.

Of course, there’s always going to be special occasions such as the birth of a new baby or baby dedications, weddings, anniversaries, or retirements. A plaque is a nice way to mark the special day! 

Going into the New Year, there are plenty of reasons why you should order a box of plaques from us.  Order today!

Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

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We recently wrote a blog called, “Recognize Your Team”. It says that “rewarding team members for something they’ve done takes effort. Sit down with them and learn how they’d like to be rewarded.” We’re writing this blog to let you know that, besides rewarding them with a certificate in a plaque, there are other various creative ways to show appreciation!

  1. Host special parties during break time, such as a pizza party or ice cream social.
  2. Mail a handwritten, thank-you note to the employee’s home when they do something great.
  3. Mail birthday cards to their home and a card for their employee anniversary.
  4. Write your employees a personalized song! This may seem extravagant, but we’re positive it wouldn’t go unnoticed or underappreciated.
  5. When an employee does something beyond spectacular, send them to special events like wine tasting, an amusement park or the movies.

Getting creative can be a great way to show your employees you can have fun, but recognize that each person is different. The best reward is the unexpected one that shows your team you paid attention to them.

Have you ever received a creative award? We’d love to hear more ways to show your team appreciation. Share them on our Facebook page!

Recognize Your Team

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Rewarding team members for something they’ve done takes effort. Sit down with them and learn how they’d like to be rewarded. Not only does recognizing and rewarding your team’s efforts build trust, but it strengthens loyalty. Turnover is often much lower in teams that have a strong bond with their leader, and this impacts a company’s bottom line. One of the best ways to keep your talented and hard-working team is to make sure that their hard work is appreciated.

Employees are always seeking appreciation and recognition, so it’s your job to provide it to them. When employees do great work, make sure to commend them for a job well done. It’s important to give the right employee recognition for their creative ideas. Along with a pat on the back, rewards are also great ego boosters for employees!

Not only is it important to recognize your employees, but it’s even more important to make sure they’re happy! Employees are most happy when they know that their boss listens to them. It can encourage them to think of more creative and helpful ideas because they feel their thoughts are valid.

All of our plaques are easy to assemble and are affordable. Stock up today so you have them ready to hand out to your valued employees! Stay tuned for our next blog post for more creative ways to show your employee appreciation.