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Rewarding Children in School with Plaques and Other Gifts: How and When?

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Recently there has been much speculation on the topic of the effectiveness of rewarding children in school environments with treats and awards. Surprisingly, some researchers now believe that rewarding kids for good behavior and other small classroom tasks isn’t the best way to encourage children.

Some research shows that giving kids small rewards to motivate them can become habitual and perhaps even lose importance in a child’s eyes. Children may come to expect rewards for duties that are expected of them such as doing their homework, paying attention or coming to class prepared. Often kids may think that since other children are being rewarded for these things, it must mean they are a favorite or the same is not expected of them.

It is important to set a bar for kids in classrooms and clearly distinguish from what is expected of them and what going above and beyond means. While rewards and recognition may have different effects among children and adults, one if the most important and valued benefits of being acknowledged is the feeling of achievement and the desire to work towards more.

In the classroom, it is important to establish that hard work and that extra effort can and will be recognized in time.

Recognizing children for their hard work at the end of a year with rewards such as a party can give them something to want to work toward in order to reap the prize at the end. In turn, working long-term toward a bigger prize can get children into the habit of remaining focused and working hard, even when there isn’t a sticker or candy awaiting them in the next few hours.

Plaques can be also be a great way to reward children as their permanence can mean a great deal to a child who is normally accustomed to receiving small and temporary incentives. An award plaque can be something they feel incredibly proud of and excited to share with family and friends. For other children, seeing this type of recognition and approval from adults can inspire them to want to achieve that and beyond.

Recognizing a child’s efforts can mean the world to them and, above all, it is important to help reinforce these values and behaviors in them. Whether they have received a reward or not, children seek approval and that is the best way to help them reach for even greater achievements

Unusual Accomplishments That Deserve Recognition

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People achieve the extraordinary every day. Sometimes, achievements are quite unusual. In these instances, recognizing such accomplishments is tricky yet deserved. Giving recognition in the form of a plaque is the perfect way to show your friends and colleagues that you appreciate their actions. Although plaques aren’t typical gifts, they’re the perfect way to show someone how you feel, and the recipient will undoubtedly remember such a unique gift for years to come. Plus, unusual gifts are the perfect way to reward unusual accomplishments!

The humorous plaque: If you know someone who is particularly good at making others laugh or has a skill that people find amusing, a humorous plaque is a great way to relay how much you appreciate them. Rewarding humor with humor will surely catch their attention! It’ll keep the mood light, but there’ll be no mistaking the sincerity behind creating such a great reward.

The serious plaque: For the people who are a constant source of light in your life, a more serious award may be appropriate. If you’re looking for a heartfelt way to say “thank you,” this is the perfect way to do it! Let your creation convey exactly how much someone means to you. Since you can choose what your plaque says, it’s truly up to you to decide what message you’d like to send!

The formal plaque: In the workplace, awards are often appropriate for various accomplishments. Congratulate your coworkers with formal plaques they’ll be able to display in their offices or entryways. This is an excellent way to show the people you work with that you recognize their successes. Promotions are definitely worthy of congratulatory plaques, and plaques also make great gifts at retirement parties!

The casual plaque: For the everyday hero, casual plaques can be just the right ways to reward the people in your life for the little things they do that make a huge difference. Keep it simple! The message will be perfectly clear. By keeping your plaque low-key, you’ll be able to show your appreciation without making anyone too emotional. 

The holiday plaque: Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and Mother’s and Father’s Days, holiday plaques are much more exciting than cards. Plus, they’re ready to display, and your loved ones will think of you every time they see their plaques. They’ll have a constant reminder that you recognize what an influence they are in your life!

Reward the people in your life with gifts as unique as they are. Creating a custom plaque is the perfect way to show them your appreciation. No matter what the achievement, show them how you feel with a plaque that matches the occasion. The five different suggestions above will help you in creating your plaque. The thoughtfulness, sincerity, and preparation you put into your gift will be unmistakable, and the recipient will remember it forever. Inspire the people in your life to continue to be unique and irreplaceable with a gift they’ll see every day. You’ll be as proud of your plaque as you are of them!

Suggested paper options for award certificates

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As the school year comes to an end, the time for graduations and commencements is near. This is the time of year when certificates are greatly anticipated by students and parents alike, and selecting the perfect certificate is very important. There are a few components to a certificate, one of those being the paper. Many paper choices are available, but which choice is right for your celebration?

First, consider the occasion. Is this certificate going to kids, sports players, education, or government? Each category needs a different look since they’ll all have different interests in the overall look of the certificate.

Children love color, so instead of focusing on quality, look for something that will grab their attention. Certificate paper is available with various prints and colors, so choose something fun and age-appropriate, like balloons or fireworks in the background!

Sports players want something they’ll be able to hang on a wall or put in a plaque. Consider a nice quality paper with some foil embellishments. They probably won’t display their sports achievements forever, but they’ll certainly want their certificates to attract attention as long as they’re featured. Consider focusing your attention on the embellishments rather than the quality of the paper.

Graduates and government officials are going to keep their certificates forever. They have to be visually pleasing, and they have to last a long time. Education and government certificates merit the highest quality paper. They also need to look the most professional once the text and borders are complete. These are designed for long-term display, so courser paper is necessary for expanding the certificate’s lifespan. Remember, this is something they’ll keep forever, so make it something they’ll treasure forever.

No matter what the occasion, you can still manipulate the level of formality by choosing various certificate styles. Standard certificates are great for semi-formal events. Casual certificates are appropriate for kids, casual events, and sports certificates. Custom certificates are probably the best choice for formal events.

No matter what you choose, present it like you’re proud of it! Certificates are automatically a symbol of achievement and respect. Choose the style that works best for you and your students, employees, or athletes. Regardless of the design, the certificates you choose will represent a job well done for the recipient, and that is the most important part.