Chamber of Commerce Awards for Businesses

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The Chamber of Commerce in your local city is always a great resource whether you are a startup business or one that’s been in business for years. Networking opportunities, working with various charities, working with the local government even brings about various ways a business or business person can be recognized.

A beautiful plaque can be the perfect item to proudly display on any business owners wall. Chamber of Commerce typically has their own engraved plaques they give to new members for joining, however there are many opportunities to award someone a special plaque throughout the year such as awarding recipients for community involvement, business achievement awards and at galas during the year recognizing top businesses in many categories. By displaying these honors, customers can see some of your accomplishments proudly displayed and it may influence them to use your business more often.

Other plaques are given out for special recognition. If you are the business, recognizing employees for superior work, going above and beyond the call of duty, community service and many other situations that can serve as motivation for others, a beautiful custom plaque is the perfect .

At Presenta Plaque, we offer a variety of kits and plaques that can fit any budget or need. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish, we can find something that works best for your circumstances and what you’re trying to achieve. Visit our gallery of plaques at:

Choosing the Perfect Plaque for Bulk Plaques

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So many organizations hand out certificates and awards. We make it easy! Impress anyone with the award or certificate already framed in a beautiful plaque kit.

If you’re needing to order frames or plaques for your office, non-profit, restaurant or business awards, articles or teams, you should consider ordering from a company that is trusted locally and nationwide in the industry for decades!

Why choose a plaque kit over a frame?

Easy to Assemble

Presenta Plaques are made to be assembled easily yet maintain the beautiful classic look of a custom-made plaque. We believe that just because something is beautiful, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. We find beauty in the classic simplicity of a well-crafted wooden plaque.

Classic Look

Customers can choose from the same beautifully classic displays they’d expect. From black marble to walnut, there’s no doubt each of these makes a proud display for your greatest achievements.

Wholesale Pricing

Whether you’re buying 1 plaque or 100, Presenta Plaque doesn’t expect its loyal customers to pay ridiculous retail pricing for a product we love and stand behind. We believe in fair pricing for great products and that’s just what we provide.

Ships the Next Day

We make shipping easier than ever with our next-day shipping policy for all orders placed so you won’t have to wait longer than you need to and you can have your plaques in a jiff if you’re in a rush. We also make it easy to re-order if you decide you need to place another order with Presenta Plaque!

Save When Ordering Over Certain Quantity

We want you to have your plaques and if you’re ordering in large quantities, we don’t see this as an opportunity to make money off of our customers. If you’re ordering from us, we want you to know we appreciate your business and want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay for your order!

We’re a Veteran Owned Small Business

We’re proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business in the Valley! As veteran-owned business, we take great pride in providing the best quality products for customers and supporting one another to ensure that veteran businesses thrive within our communities.

Celebrating First Responders With a Plaque for Service or Promotion

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24 hours a day, seven days a week, first responders are prepared to save lives.

First responders are always the first on scene for a fire, vehicle accident, identifying threats, facilitate evacuations, and treat injured parties to save lives.  According to EMS World, during the September 11th attacks, police and firefighters led evacuations from the World Trade Center, helping an estimated 15,000 people escape safely.

They also stated these statistics:
•There are over 1 million firefighters in the United States, of whom approximately 750,000 are volunteers.
• Across the United States, local police departments have approximately 556,000 full-time employees including about 436,000 sworn enforcement personnel.
•Sheriffs’ offices report approximately  291,000 full-time employees, including about 186,000 sworn personnel.
•There are over 155,000 nationally registered emergency medical technicians (EMT).

Even though there may not be ‘the ultimate’ way to show our true appreciation for first responders, a heartfelt thank you goes a long way.  

Presenting a certificate of appreciation or service in a high quality plaque kit each with a beautiful finish and sturdy hardware is a memorable way for departments to recognize their achievements. Presenta Plaque Kits are available in multiple sizes and finishes with gold tacks, an acrylic certificate cover, and an optional presentation box/mailer and can be used for recognition of a recent promotion, a job well done, a special occasion, their involvement in the community, even retirement.

First responders work hard, dedicate their lives their lives to protect us,  provide emergency medical treatment and in many cases – save lives. Show your appreciation for them with plaques that are beautiful, versatile, functional and easy to use. Check out our website for more information and how to place your order.


Recognize Local Heroes: Fire Fighters and Police Officers

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Fire fighters and police officers go through extensive training and must pass written, physical, and medical examinations. These local heroes help protect the public against dangers by responding to a variety of emergencies.

Although they put out fires, fire fighters more frequently respond to other emergencies. They are often the first emergency personnel at the scene of an accident or medical emergency and may be called upon to treat injuries or perform other vital functions. At every emergency scene, fire fighters perform specific duties assigned by a superior officer.

If you didn’t day dream of being a fire fighter, you may have thought about fighting crime as a police officer. An officer must be prepared to face many different types of situations and different occupational dangers, even death. On a more positive note, officers can experience the joy of saving a person’s life and feel good about making the community a safer place.

These inspiring men and women work hard to keep our neighborhoods safe. Do your part today in recognizing your local heroes. If you have a story you’d like to share, find us on Facebook! You can also nominate them for “Presenta Plaque to your Hero!” We’re giving you the chance to nominate someone whose incredible actions should be recognized.  Read our blog for more information.

Stock up on Plaques!

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When your employees, team, teachers and students do something great, it’s customary to congratulate them with a pat on the back and an applauding “great job!” You recognize someone for a job well done to make them feel special, that their hard work didn’t go unnoticed, and you want them to have something to remember that feeling of recognition by. Why not something beautiful, something that makes the award a permanent keepsake? Throughout the year, award ceremonies take place; ceremonies like graduation, MVP awards, championship games and even spelling bees all hand out some kind of award to its winner. Some hand out trophies, while others hand out a boring, albeit creatively designed, paper certificate.

Last year, I posted a blog called “Recognition Basics”. I went to a professional basketball game where the team and sponsors were handing out awards to several students. While this was probably an incredible event for the students, the team and presenter could have made the experience more memorable. How? While I was there I noticed the awards that were being given were just a paper certificate. You can read the blog here.

Presenta Plaque offers two solutions for you to pick from, Presenta Plaque Kits or Pocket Plaques. Don’t get stuck in an embarrassing ceremony situation, turn your boring paper certificate into a beautiful plaque worth hanging! Stock up today on plaques for the year by ordering online!