Plaques for Teachers

Plaque Kits: Awarding Local Heroes

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There are many different ways to give back to the people that have given so much to the community. These are the people who are first to arrive after a car accident, natural disaster or devastating fire. It’s time to give back to your community. Here are some ways you can award and recognize your local heroes:

Host a Dinner or Luncheon

Have a nice, formal dinner or a friendly, casual luncheon for all of your local first responders at a church, banquet hall, etc. Have it catered by one of the popular restaurants in town. This will ensure that all parties will be satisfied.

Bring Lunch

Bring a catered lunch to your local fire station, police station or hospital. All of the employees will truly appreciate your effort to make them feel special!

Throw a Fundraiser

Have a fundraiser or silent auction in honor of a branch of local government. Have all attendees pay a certain amount for their plate, and ask people in the community to donate valuable things to the silent auction. Also, make sure all proceeds go to benefit the chosen branch of local government.

Start a Support Group

A lot of families and spouses of first responders go through emotions and feelings some people just would not understand. If they had a safe place to talk about their struggles, it could greatly benefit their mental health and their family.

Have an Awards Party

Throw a party that could be similar to the Academy Awards or Grammy’s that awards the people who really went above and beyond for the safety of their community. Make sure to have awards made for each winner.

Don’t forget to award them with a beautiful plaque from Presenta Plaque! They will cherish it forever. First responders are always the ones to put their lives on the line for the community, let’s do something for them that shows we care!


Plaque Kits for World Teacher’s Day

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On October 5th, we celebrate some of the most important people in our children’s lives and our own. World Teacher’s Day celebrates some incredibly hardworking individuals and all their contributions to societies all across the globe. Most adults, let alone most kids probably aren’t familiar with the day of recognition, but this year presents a chance to make some incredible people feel very special.


Their Very Own Plaque

In a professional setting, it’s not often teachers are awarded with plaques unless they are celebrating a very special achievement, a retirement or other landmark event in their teaching careers. But plaques can make a unique and lasting impression on any individual receiving them. Order a personalized plaque online and present it to a deserving teacher. It’s not likely they’ll receive another like it anytime soon.

Gift Card to a Their Favorite Restaurant

A gift card is a nice way to give a teacher a nice “dinner on us” from the parents and remind them that you appreciate everything they do for the school, the kids and the community. If you’re not quite sure where to get a gift card from, pick a place with some variety or have your child sneakily ask where they like to go.


A Book You Think They’ll Enjoy

A book is a great gift that keeps on giving. If you’re not sure if your teacher enjoys reading in their free time or if they will like the book, go through and highlight some of your favorite excerpts. This could open up some room for meaningful discussion or maybe even show them they can enjoy it too!


A Craft Made by Your Child

Whether your child is an advanced artist or just learning the art of finger paint, crafts and small works of art are one of the most adorable expressions of a child’s imagination. If your child enjoys arts and crafts, suggest they make something for their teacher the next time you pull out the craft box.


Say Thanks with a Card/Thank You Note

A letter is one of the most thoughtful and personal ways to express yourself to another person. It’s a way to express yourself thoughtfully and thoroughly and it can really mean a lot to a teacher that you took the time to sit down and express your gratitude for them.