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How to recognize men’s achievements with award plaques

by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 29, 2014 | No Comments

As girls and boys grow older, the differences between the genders become more evident. However, men are the same as women when it comes to recognition. Men, too, want to feel personal satisfaction in their daily lives for the hard work they invest; do not let their sometimes aloof, confident demeanor fool you!

When determining the kinds of recognition to give men, the main factors to consider are where the award is coming from and when is a good time to give the award. Below are some of the types of awards that can be given to men in conjunction with the various parts of their lives:

  • Awards for the workplace
  • Awards from family
  • Awards for sports participation

Awards for the workplace

In the workplace, it is important to commend employees to create a great work environment and continue to see positive results. Even if it may seem “cheesy” to give a male employee a plaque that thanks them for a job well done, it is much more effective than simply telling him “great job; keep it up.” Most men prefer having their hard work noticed rather than it going ignored. A plaque that they can put in their office can remain a constant reminder of their job well done. Plus, they might feel a sense of motivation every time they see it, which can further inspire ongoing performance.

A certificate is a simple way to maintain employee satisfaction in the workplace and can award men for a wide variety of achievements. For instance, if your business is in the sales industry, your male employees would certainly appreciate being recognized as “Top Seller.” Your business can determine if you want to base the award on different departments, regions or all around.

If you require employees to complete training courses, plaques for “Award for Completion” or “Award for Outstanding Training Results” would be a great way to reward employees for finishing the required training. Furthermore, clients would see the plaques on the office walls and know your employees have the necessary credentials to take on their work.

The type of plaques you decide to give your male employees would determine when to give them. If you are giving awards such as “Top Seller,” your business can choose if it wants to present these awards monthly, quarterly or annually. The other awards mentioned can be given at your leisure. Just remember to acknowledge men for what they are doing well, even if you always see them portraying confidence.

Awards from family

Awards are not limited to the workplace. Men appreciate their family and friends acknowledging them too, especially during special occasions. Father’s Day is an exceptional time to show appreciation for the man of the house with a certificate for “World’s Best Dad.”

As a spouse or a girlfriend, plaques can be a fun way for you to show the man in your life you appreciate him. A “Best Husband (or Boyfriend)” plaque would be a great unique gift on Valentine’s Day or for your anniversary. Men always love being recognized by the woman in their life!

Awards for sports participation

Men who are involved in sports, either as part of a team made of friends or as coaches, can also enjoy receiving awards.

An MVP award is great for the sports enthusiast who always had a dream of going pro. Men enjoy seeing plaques for best hitter, pitcher and basemen from the players or coaches on their baseball teams. Awards for any sport can be given and will always be viewed with satisfaction.

Certificates can be creative and have a vast amount of possibilities for ways to recognize men for the hard work they invest in their daily lives. Presenta Plaques offers a beautiful way to display the certificate so the man in your life can enjoy it proudly.