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The Many Ways We Can Use Award Plaques to Honor America’s Veterans

by Presenta Plaque | on Sep 25, 2013 | No Comments

Presenta Plaque believes it is important to recognize veterans for their service to our country to show that we appreciate all that they have done for us. As a company, we believe Americans should show their gratitude every day by being respectful – not only in how we treat veterans but how we speak of them. Presenta Plaque also believes Americans should talk to others about the importance of veterans and teach our children about the sacrifices they have made for freedom.

Whether you’re the spouse, sibling, relative, daughter, employer or employee of a veteran, showing you value them for their service is important. Once veterans return from overseas, they face another war; adjusting to civilian life is difficult and sometimes they feel neglected by society. In order to help the difficult situation, it is vital that we take extra steps to ensure veterans feel appreciated. An excellent way to honor veterans is by awarding them with a plaque. Organizations, companies and businesses can also recognize veterans using plaques as a token of gratitude.

Below are several types of awards that can be presented to veterans.


A plaque of recognition is a great way to show a veteran that his/her years of service and the sacrifices s/he has made have not gone unnoticed. This type of award can be given to any veteran who has served their country in any war.

Outstanding service

By giving a veteran an outstanding service award, you are recognizing his/her exceptional years of service in any war. This is an excellent way to honor a veteran who served his/her country for an extensive time, leaving behind family, friends and home in order to serve his/her country and fight for freedom.

Female service

It is important that women are not left behind when it comes to honoring our veterans.  The number of women serving in the U.S. military is remarkable and in the Departments of Defense and of Veterans, they are the highest in population growth. Many female veterans have trouble accepting their identity as veterans. It is important that the women are recognized so they can proudly embrace their identity as a veteran.

Heroic Actions

Many veterans committed courageous, selfless acts on the front line that have been overlooked. We suggest you seek out a veteran who went out of his/her way to perform a heroic action. Whether the veteran has been recognized before or not, it is important for him/her to know that we are thankful for his/her courage.

We can do many things to thank our veterans for the great sacrifices they made to preserve our freedom. A plaque is a way to demonstrate that we care and have not forgotten about them. The veteran will feel esteemed and delighted to know that you have thought of him/her and that you appreciate the contributions s/he has made to this country!