Famous Plaques

Famous Plaques Around the World

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Plaques have been used to commemorate people, places and events for centuries. From congratulations to memorials, plaques are a beautiful and permanent way to remember what deserves recognition. Throughout the world there are many great instances of plaques serving as honors and somewhat landmarks where people can come to remember, pay their respects or simply enjoy the little piece of history.


The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is perhaps one of the most recognized and visited plaque sites. Whether tourists are visiting to take a photo with their favorite Hollywood stars’ plaques or just there for the shops, it’s an iconic place to visit and enjoy with friends and family.


London’s Blue Plaques

If you ever get the chance to wander the historic streets of London, make sure you look around for these iconic circular plaques on the outside of buildings. The Royal Society of Arts, the London County Council, the Greater London Council and English Heritage have all worked together to place these plaques outside buildings of historical significance. Looking closely, you might see anything from the home of Alfred Hitchcock to the home in which Wolfgang Mozart composed his first symphony.


Resolute Desk Plaque

Resolute Desk or the Presidential Desk is an iconic piece of the White House since it was first given to Rutherford B. Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880; though it wasn’t always in the Presidential Office. It was Jackie Kennedy who first brought the iconic ship-made wooden desk into the Oval Office for John F. Kennedy and it has since remained there with the exception of a brief period where it traveled with the Kennedy Presidential Library and was displayed in the Smithsonian. The desk features a plaque in the front face which details its fascinating history as the HMS Resolute and later a sign of gratitude from The Queen to President Hayes.


The 9/11 Memorial

The September 11th memorial located in what was ground zero is now the location of a beautiful memorial dedicated to the commemoration of everyone who lost their lives during the tragic attack. The memorial located where the World Trade Center was now stands as an enormous 16-acre site with both waterfalls comprising about half of the land area. But perhaps the most captivating component of the memorial is the surrounding bronze plaques with the names of all the victims lost in the 1993 and 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers. The design was selected as the winner out of 5,200 entries from around the world.


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