Customer Loyalty

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

by Presenta Plaque | on Feb 23, 2015 | No Comments

If you run a business you know you see many faces daily. Some are one-time only customers, others come in every once in a while. But every company has those few customers whose loyalty made them almost part of the team. These are the people you know by name or maybe just by face, but either way, they’re the first to want to know about new products and always the most supportive.


Often these familiar faces receive no more than a friendly smile and great customer service from the staff they’ve come to know. But why not reward these customers with more than the usual next time they come in? These are some great ideas for showing your customers how much their loyalty means to you:



1. Surprise them with a gift card

Next time they come in, process their transaction as usual and hand them a gift card. It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s a nice way to say thanks to an un-expecting customer!


2. A sincere ‘Thank You’

People underestimate the power of sincere thanks. Day-to-day life for many consists of doing good deeds for others that often go unnoticed. Even if a customer’s only good deed is coming in and shopping quietly at your store for years, they deserve a big thank you for their loyalty.


3. Show them they’re a part of the family

After all, what’s a company without a loyal customer base to keep it afloat? Loyal customers are an integral part of a company’s success. They are an important part of the whole that is a company


4. Make special deals for regulars

Why not reward those who have helped so much with your success? A sale just for them could be the perfect way to show them you appreciate them. This may work better if you’re a smaller business and you can apply this to individuals as they come by.


5. Ask their opinion on store matters

It doesn’t mean they will have a say in any huge company moves, but you can always ask their opinion. Let them know you’d like the feedback of a loyal consumer and someone who is as familiar with the brand as they are. They’ll love that you took them into consideration and who knows, you might get some valuable feedback!


6. Give them their own plaque

There’s nothing quite like receiving your very own plaque. A “Customer of the Year” plaque could be the perfect way to show your regular customers just how much you appreciate their loyalty throughout the years.