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8 Post-Season Awards for Your Youth Sports Team

by Presenta Plaque | on Jun 29, 2015 | No Comments

Youth sports for many children is the first experience of team-work and responsibility on a personal level. In many ways, these moments spent practicing and playing are the building blocks for future attitudes and values. The importance of hard-work and camaraderie are stressed at a time where most children lack the platform to grow and learn in a similar way. Not only are youth sports a tremendous fundamental tool for maturity, but they’re also some of the most enjoyable times your child will experience. Coming together with a group of friends to achieve victory is a fantastic feeling but when the season comes to an end you want to recognize each player’s achievements to further boost confidence. Presenta Plaque’s plaques are perfect for post-season awards that cap off your teams time spent, while recognizing the individual excellence of your players.

Hardest Hit: This one is more specific for contact sports like football and hockey, but the meaning of the award is huge. For many young boys there is few better feelings than being known as the bruiser among their peers.

Team-Spirit: The importance of having players that buy into the direction of the team cannot be understated. Often there are one or two players that emerge as the most spirited and deserve recognition for it. Furthermore, giving an award for those exhibiting qualities of spirit and positivity will encourage future players to do the same.

Dirtiest Uniform: Grit and toughness are huge strengths to a team and one of the images associated with these qualities are a dirty uniform. The Dirtiest Uniform signifies the player who was willing to slide into first base or dive for the interception in the end zone.

Play of the Year: Many teams are marked by a standout play that either turned their season around or cemented its success. Whether it was a game winning Hail Mary or a 9th inning grand slam, this award recognizes the play that was instrumental to your team’s ultimate success.

Best Offensive Player: Scoring points is the sole difference between victory and defeat, which is why showcasing the players that contributed the most offensively is important.

Best Defensive Player: “Defense win’s championships.” We’ve heard this countless times but it remains true. The player with the most blocks, tackles, or putouts/assists is a huge attribute to a winning team.

Most Improved Player: While youth sports are very concerned with winning, the goal of the team and its coaches should be to promote improvement. At the end of the day, players will move on to High School and continue playing their respective sports which is why development is crucial.

Rookie of the Year: For many children, youth sports are an introduction to competition. On any given year you may have a dozen or more first time players and recognizing the most productive first year player can be a huge confidence boost.