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Which Awards Are Appropriate to Display at Work?

by Presenta Plaque | on Jul 17, 2013 | No Comments

Awards give us a sense of pride; they are a tangible symbol of our efforts. Naturally, we want to hang them up for everyone to admire. However, when it comes to the workplace, it’s probably wise to be selective with what you display. We suggest the following guidelines for making good choices for what awards to display in the workplace.

Education: Educational achievements are a fantastic addition to the workplace. If you have a diploma, go ahead and hang it up. A degree is one of the best symbols of credibility, especially if it was earned at a prestigious university. Professionals that require great amounts of trust and investment from customers, such as the medical and legal fields, almost always exhibit educational accomplishments. Educational success serves as a reassurance that the service provider is well-qualified.

Significance: Hang up any awards that are relevant to your current field of work. For example, a photojournalist should display awards for photos s/he’s taken, but should not display awards from the hot dog eating contest s/he won last summer. Achievements related to your current job add credibility and value to your opinions and work. Clients and co-workers tend to respect decorated members of their field because awards show that they have gone above and beyond expectations.

People’s Choice: An award won by popular vote is an impressive sign of well-done work. If you own a business that won an award due to popularity, display it proudly in a visible area. For example, a restaurant may win “Favorite Diner” after a vote by residents of the town. An award like this is fantastic because it validates hard work, gets your business name out there, and builds a positive reputation. Show off these awards proudly.

Irrelevance: Awards that do not belong in the workplace are ones that have no relevance and are frivolous in nature. A certificate from a three-legged race has no value on your desk.  The same goes for outdated awards. Your coworkers will not respect you more because of a high school soccer trophy. Old and irrelevant awards are clutter that adds no significant value.

Elegant certificates, stately plaques and shining trophies were made to be on display. Your home can be decorated with every award you’ve ever received. However, it is best to use your discretion when you embellish the workplace. Remember that awards can add or take away your credibility and value, so be smart!