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Placing your Award in the Perfect Location

by Presenta Plaque | on Oct 31, 2014 | No Comments

Awards are a wonderful way to recognize people and groups for their hard work. If you’re lucky enough to have won an award of great importance to you, you ought to display it somewhere you can look upon it proudly. There are many places in your home and at work where you can display your award. Take a moment to look around at your surroundings and decide where you think it would look best.

In the Office:

In the office, it’s a matter of where you want to see it. If you’d rather gaze upon your achievement in your moments of frustration, your desk is a great place to put your award. It does, however, depend on the type of award it is. If you received an award that can sit on its own, placement will be much easier.

If it requires hanging, you can place it behind your desk, where people who come to your area can see it. The point is to display it, so make sure wherever on your wall you decide to hang it, it is visible and easy to read.

Bookshelves are also a perfect spot for display. The back casing makes it easy to lean them on something and it also adds to the decorative factor.

In the Home:

The home allows you many more options for display, depending on where you spend the most of your time or where you’d prefer to see it. Your living room, of course, is the best first option when it comes to visibility. This is the space in your home where you welcome your guests and you can proudly display your award.


An ideal place to put it is above a fireplace or on wall with plenty of visibility. Think of the layout of your home and where it would fit best. Only you know the best place for your home, so take some time to decide where it would look best.


Home offices, if you have one, are the perfect place to display your new award. While it’s in your home and accessible to your whole family, it is your personal space for your thoughts and achievements.


It’s also important to make sure you have used the proper equipment to ensure that your award has been hung safely on your wall. If you’ve decided to place it somewhere without any outside reinforcements, make sure it is sitting on a sturdy surface out of the way of movement and people walking by.


If you’ve received a paper award, make sure to visit to browse through beautiful styles of plaques to display your well-deserved certificate!