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How to Graciously Accept an Award Plaque at an Awards Presentation

by Presenta Plaque | on Jul 01, 2013 | No Comments

Whether you are at the Oscars or a local community event, graciously accepting an award is important.  Otherwise, those present may get the impression that you do not truly deserve the award.  How do you want to be remembered—as rude and insensitive or as humble and deserving?  Follow these tips to achieve the latter!

Act Humble: After receiving an award, celebrate with friends and family after the ceremony, not at the podium.  You should never act as if you were the obvious choice for the award. The most humble winners seem like they never expected to win. Unless you’re sure it’s the right setting, you should not celebrate during the ceremony like you had just scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Show Respect: Gloating does not look good on anyone.  If you were nominated with other people, thank your fellow nominees.  Even if you’re not fond of them, paying respect to your competitors is a sign of maturity.  Teasing or mocking competitors as you accept an award will seem unprofessional, petty, and ultimately juvenile.

Show Gratitude: Remember to address the people who gave you the award in the first place.  Thank them for their support. Show that you feel honored to be the recipient.  Almost all of the winners at the Academy Awards thank the decision-makers.  Everyone knows the line “I’d like to thank the Academy!” for a reason.  Manners are important!

Look Happy: Just because you can’t jump up and down while screaming doesn’t mean you can’t look happy! Show the audience that you are glad to be receiving the award.  Show a genuine smile; don’t fake it. No one wants to see a coveted award go to someone who looks miserable about it.

If you follow these basic tips, you’ll look like a seasoned award-winner! Don’t stop following these tips the moment the ceremony ends though.  Continue to act humble and gratified even when someone asks about the award on display in your home years later.  Etiquette is essential.  Graciousness shows maturity, and people will have a favorable opinion of you.  Now go get that award!