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Why Choose Presenta Plaque?

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When you come across the opportunity to award someone, the first thing you’ve probably got in mind is giving them something that’s truly representative of all their hard work and dedication. At times it can feel difficult to find something as unique and personal as such a token of gratitude should be. A plaque can be the perfect token of gratitude thanks to its customizability and personal feel. But once you’ve settled on a plaque, how do you go about choosing the right one?


There are many options for choosing the right plaque and there are many things to consider when ordering one, especially if it’s your first time. Fortunately, Presenta Plaque is one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the plaque business with over 30 years of experience, over 20 of them in the Valley.


They Require Little to No Assembly

Whether you go with the Pocket Plaque or the Plaque Kit, Presenta Plaques are easy to assemble and will be ready for customization practically as soon as they’re out of the box.


Expect a Friendly Process

No matter if you purchase your plaque through our easy-to-use online ordering system or call in to place your order, we promise the process will be fast, easy, friendly and most importantly friendly.


Best Quality

Each Presenta Plaque award is made of long-lasting, quality material build to last and maintain its appearance for years and years to come. Presenta Plaques are also insured against accidental damage during the shipping process so you can be sure you’ll receive your plaque in as pristine condition as we shipped it out.


Choose from a Great Variety

You can expect a great selection when choosing your plaque. Not just when it comes to choosing a Pocket Plaque or Plaque Kit, but when choosing from color and sizing as well. Presenta Plaques are available in black marble, oak and walnut, all of which make the perfect presentation piece for any award or certificate.


Support Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

When you purchase from Presenta Plaque, you’re not only purchasing a quality plaque built to last, but you’re helping a community of heroes who deserve all of our efforts and support.

Get Your Kids Back to School on the Right Foot

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School is back in session and every parent wants to make sure their kids begin and stay on the right track. Often, it can be difficult to keep kids interested in school. No parent wants to receive that dreaded phone call from a teacher or principal letting them know their child is under-performing. But with a little positive reinforcement at home and some support from teachers, you and your son or daughter will be ready to begin a great year.


Meet their teacher


Most teachers are excited to have parents who are just as involved and concerned with their students’ education as they are. Get to know your child’s teacher. If there is an open house or meet the teacher night you can attend, by all means. It is great to put a face to the person who spends as much time with your child as you. It is also important to establish a relationship so you are comfortable with contacting them for any concerns later in the year.


Ask about their day


Many parents tend to get caught up with their own everyday tasks and often forget to ask kids about their own day. Sometimes asking is more than enough for students. This is the perfect opportunity to gauge any frustrations or issues your student might be going through. It will be much easier later in the year to determine if your student is on a good track if you make it a habit of asking them how things are going.


Give them incentives


This is a part of rewarding that often becomes blurry for parents. It can be difficult to distinguish when you are bribing and when you are giving proper incentives. The best way to remember this is to think of positives and negatives. Incentives should be a reward to continue good behavior. An incentive should serve as more of a motivation rather than a method of persuasion such as a bribe would serve.


Reward them


Even the simplest of rewards can mean a lot to a student who’s worked hard all year. While verbal praise can be of great motivation through busy and stressful times at school, a reward such as a certificate or a plaque can be the perfect way to give them something so show for it at the end of the year.


Give your hardworking student a plaque to remind them all their hard work will pay off soon! Order a plaque for your children today!




Affordable Plaques for Everyone

by PresentaPlaque Admin | on Sep 07, 2011 | 2 Comments

Got a call from an old friend today, we’ll call him Ed. Quite a bit of time has passed from our Air Force days, but he remembered I was in the Plaque business. As the president of his local Rotary Club, he wanted to start a recognition program. The program would involve the club recognizing local students in the areas of leadership and academic achievement. He wanted to print his own certificates, but didn’t want to look cheap by handing a hard working student a piece of paper. Smart guy.

Ed obviously had spent some time on our website, because he was very familiar with our products. He said “I’d like to save some money and I have the time, so I’m interested in your do-it-yourself plaque kits, we call them “Original Presenta Plaques Kits”. Ed’s always been a handy guy, so I know he could assemble our kits with his eyes closed. (if he ever had any questions he could always watch our you tube video on how to assemble Presenta Plaque kits)

Ed didn’t need individual boxes for the finished plaques so he ordered our bulk kits; in other words don’t pay for the boxes if you don’t need them. He chose our most popular color, walnut; in our most popular size that holds an 8 ½ by 11 inch certificate. He even had the part number, PWB811.

The Rotary Club awards will be given out monthly, so a case of 13 will last him a year. Ed and his Rotary Club are very much our typical customer who calls us once a year when their box of plaques are running low.  He knows that if he ever doesn’t have the time to assemble kits, or is giving out a large quantity of awards that he has the option of ordering our Pocket Plaques, with pre-assembled “slip in” convenience. Remember that the Pocket Plaques all come with an individual box to protect them during shipping.

So whether its Rotary Club Awards, Knights of Columbus Awards or Moose Club Awards, Presenta Plaque can provide you with an affordable do-it-yourself professional recognition tool.

Contact us today at 800-824-2390 to turn your paper certificate into a distinctive, and commemorative plaque.