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Celebrate the Women in Your Life This International Women’s Day

by Presenta Plaque | on Mar 04, 2016 | No Comments

This March 8th is International Women’s Day. This day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women all over the world. Formerly known as International Working Women’s Day, the day is also considered a call to action for gender equality for women all over the world. But in the home, the day is considered something much more personal for families as it’s a day set aside to celebrate, love and cherish the women in our lives.


This year, show moms, sisters, wives, daughters or girlfriends just how important of a role they play in your life, not just on March 8th, but every day.


1. Spa Day

Give the special woman/women in your life a day to relax and escape the troubles of everyday life. Set them up with a day at the spa to unwind and relax worry-free or go the extra mile and set up a massage appointment at their favorite spa in town.


2. Clean Up

Whether she does all the cleaning or you share it, take care of all the dirty work and let her come home to a spick and span and span home and maybe even some dinner and a bottle of wine to unwind with.


3. Write Them a Letter

No matter who it’s for, they’ll appreciate hearing, in your words, why they’re important to you. The fact that you set aside time from your day to let them know you truly care is a wonderful thought and a nice way to say what you need to say.


4. Send Her a Gift to Work

Send her a gift to remind her that you’re thankful to have her. Whether it’s your mom, wife or just a really great friend, let them know you’re thankful for them on this day and every day. And of course, you might get some extra props for knowing of the holiday!


5. Get them Their Very Own Plaque

A plaque is not something anyone gets just every day, but it’s certainly something they’ll always treasure and proudly display. Order a plaque and personalize it then give it to them as a gift, whether it’s for International Women’s Day, a birthday or any other occasion, it will be something they cherish for many years to come.

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