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Gift Your Boss a Plaque for Boss’ Day

by Presenta Plaque | on Sep 19, 2015 | No Comments

Boss’s Day is a recognized holiday where employees show appreciation for their boss that is normally celebrated on October 16th.  This holiday is the perfect opportunity for employees to get something nice for their boss like a clock, signature frame, a paperweight, or even just a simple card, but what better way to show appreciation for your boss like getting them a plaque. Here are some reasons why every boss should deserve a plaque than anything else on Boss’s Day.

It’s Unique: As stated above, the typical recognition gifts are usually a paperweight, a clock, or just a simple card. Why not be unique and get your boss something that is long lasting with a memorable message engraved?

Customization: Plaques are best desired for their personalized custom messages; this is an employee’s perfect opportunity to customize a thoughtful message about their boss. Any boss would be thrilled to walk in their office every morning to see an appreciation message from their employees.

Everyone Can Chip in: Employees can pitch in to purchase the plaque and agree on one thoughtful message about their boss. These situations would be good for those employees who want to buy something nice and meaningful for their boss but don’t have the funds to.

Durability: Flowers, gift cards, pens and watches are all great appreciation gifts but don’t last very long if not taken care of properly. This is why when it comes to appreciation gifts, people can always rely on a plaque if they desire a gift that will last a lifetime.

Freedom to Design: The great thing about plaques is that not only can people customize their personal message, but can also pick the size and design of the plaque.

Easy to Maintain: When it comes to plaques, they require low maintenance that most people like. Whether you want your plaque hanging from the wall or right on your desk, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all.


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