5 People You Should Say Thanks to but Probably Haven’t Lately

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Every day we encounter people who have become part of our everyday routines. These are the people we expect to be there, to service us, to guide us or simply be our friend no matter what. Often, it’s easy to oversee these people when we encounter them often. It’s easy to fall into the mindset that these people will be there no matter what and often fail to recognize them as we should.

You may not stop and recognize how many people in your everyday life make things a little easier just by being themselves. Here are just a few people to consider.


1. A Teacher or Professor

It’s easy to shrug off teachers and professors as just educators, but the impact they have on students’ lives goes far beyond the classroom. It’s important to acknowledge how stressful it can be to teach a room full of adolescents. Teachers contribute a great deal and often get by without as much as a thank you. When was the last time you thanked an educator?


2. Your Doctor

From dealing with grumpy patients to helping someone cope with a chronic illness, doctors put up with a great deal of stress. Though they may not necessarily convey, it as their job is to always remain professional, they deserve to know someone is grateful for their efforts.


3. Your Boss

While you’d certainly think it should be you receiving thanks from your boss, there’s more to being the boss than just walking around with a big stick. These are the people that have to keep the show on the road regardless of what the other people on the ladder are doing.


4. A Friend

If your friends are more like drinking and shopping buddies, you may think the big ‘thank you’ speaks for itself. But when was the last time you gave a sincere thank you to someone who’s been by your side through the woes of life?


5. Maintenace Workers/Custodians

No one ever really gives much thought to how things get fixed or cleaned around the office. Well, its certainly not done my magical elves! Custodians and maintenace workers work after hours cleaning up after a day’s worth of office work and often they do not get recognition or thanks for their work. Greet one with a warm smile and a handshake next time!


There are many ways to thank those who help us everyday. From a card to a plaque, the opportunities to thank them are unlimited!



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