Easy Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ to Coworkers

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Most of us spend an average of 40 hours or more at our workplace. In some ways, our job is our second home. We have people we see daily that we must work in a team with. We often give and receive support from them and more often than not we eventually go on to call them a friend. Unfortunately, like we do with family and friends, we sometimes forget to remind them that they are appreciated and that their efforts do not go unnoticed.


You don’t always have to give an extravagant gift to let them know you appreciate them; there are many simple ways to say thanks and still leave an impression.


1. Bake Something!

That’s right. Break out the spatulas and oven mitts and make something in a real oven! No need to get fancy with the fondant and sugar flowers, good ol’ cupcakes and cookies are always a crowd pleaser and a perfect way to show thoughtfulness. It also shows that you were willing to take time out of your day to make them, which says a lot in itself.


2. Leave a Thank You Card/Note

Handwritten cards are darn near impossible to come buy these days. With e-cards, printers, fancy card stores and cellphones, sometimes one forgets the real value of taking the time out of your day to write out a sincere ‘thank you’ to someone. A simple gesture can mean quite a bit. If you’d rather not hand it to them personally, leave it on their desk at the end of the day or in a mailbox if your job has them.


3. Give Them a Drink on You

A small gift card from a coffee shop is a perfect way to casually say thanks. Many coffee shops including big chains like Starbucks allow you to purchase a gift card. You don’t have to add a large sum of money to the card, $5 is more than enough, and if you’re feeling generous you can add a few more bucks for a pastry. Your coworker will be pleased because of the kind gesture and –well everyone needs coffee.


4. Take Them to Lunch

This is the perfect opportunity to not only thank your coworker for a job well done, but discuss future projects and how you can continue on the right track toward the company’s success. You don’t have to talk about work matters; this is also a good time to get to know a colleague you work with side by side with!


5. Give a Plaque/Certificate

This can be as serious or as casual as you’d like it to be. Depending on their sense of humor you might want to say something humorous or just write something that shows your sincere appreciation. A plaque or certificate is a perfect addition to a desk or wall and something they are sure to appreciate and feel proud of.   Ready to take the next step?  Browse our selection here.




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