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For Hallowwen, Reward Ghosts and Ghouls With An Award Plaque for Best Costumes

by Presenta Plaque | on Oct 03, 2013 | No Comments

On Halloween, everyone loves a big bag of candy, but before you know it, the chocolate is all gone, the wrappers are wedged beyond reach between your couch cushions and soon enough, all you have to show for the big day is a fat dentist bill.

This Halloween, Presenta Plaque suggests you get a little more creative with your “tricks and treats”. Kids love to get rewarded, and even more than candy, they love to feel accomplished. Giving awards is not only a great way to cut back on your dentist bills for the year but it’s also a great way to recognize your little ones’ costume efforts with their very own plaque. Your kids will feel proud to display their big achievement on their walls. Positive reinforcement is a great way to reward kids and now they can be reminded of their spectacular Halloween costume for years to come.

The fun doesn’t have to take place just at your home. Get together with other neighborhood parents and make it a block event! Little monsters will be happy to show off their stuff and maybe even get crowned the best for the night.

Let’s face it, Halloween is anything but “just for kids”. It’s a great time for adults to let out their inner kid too! If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party this year, a “Costume of the Year” plaque is a great way to reward the most creative, gory and scary costumes of the night. Make personalized award plaques including: “Scariest”, “Most Unusual”, “Party Favorite” and more. Send out invites ahead of time and let your guests know the competition is on this year. It’s certain to get the spirit going and the fake blood flowing. It’s also certain to make your place the preferred haunted house on the block for many Halloweens to come.

Order Presenta Plaques now, before the big day. Our easy to use system lets you start your purchase process online so your plaques will arrive by Halloween night!

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