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6 Tips on How to Display Awards and Certificates in Your Home

by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 03, 2013 | No Comments

Once someone has received one of our lovely plaques, they often wonder how best to display their awards. An award from Presenta Plaque can create an impressive focal point in a hallway or entry of a home. Here’s how:

Tip 1: Gather all of the various awards you have received so that you can display them together. This may include certificates of achievement, medals, diplomas, trophies, ribbons, etc.

Tip 2: Order plaques from Presenta Plaque to display your certificates. Choose from one of our two styles:  Pocket Plaques, pre-assembled and ready for your certificate or award to slip right into. Or Plaque Kits which come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn your certificate or award into a beautiful plaque. A grouping of these plaques will bring a polished style to the display.

Tip 3: Accent the plaques with gallery lights to create an impressive presentation of your awards.

Tip 4: To add interest to your display area, create shelves with adhesive hooks to display objects such as engraved trays, trophies or medals. Add drama and interest by creating shadowboxes to display on the shelves. Shadowboxes are ideal for grouping medals, ribbons and other memorabilia in one display case.

Tip 5: Find the wall studs to hang heavier plaques and awards by using a laser stud-finder. Use a level to make sure that plaques and shelves are level with the floor. You can use penny nails into the studs for lightweight items and screws with wall anchors for heavier items.

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