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Advantages for Companies Who Give Certificate Awards

by Presenta Plaque | on Dec 20, 2012 | No Comments

For most managers, the biggest factor in selecting an award is what they think the recipient will appreciate most. While there are several reasons why recipients increasingly prefer certificates awards to other types of awards, there are significant advantages for the awarding company who chooses to use certificates as awards.

  1. Time and cost savings – From an administrative standpoint, the advantages of certificates over other types of awards comes down to a savings of cost and time. For many managers, this is the most important reason to choose certificates as awards. Since the award is just a simple piece of paper, there are no items to specify, order or keep in stock. Additionally, managers enjoy fewer tax and accounting issues. For most managers, the entire program only takes up a single file folder!
  2. Flexibility. Using certificates as awards can be appropriate and appreciated for anything from reaching a minor milestone to obtaining a significant goal such as a graduation. That makes certificates great for programs for awards at a variety of levels.
  3. High perceived value. Because of the wide range of styles of sophistication available, certificates have great trophy value.
  4. Fast, low-risk turnaround. Gift certificates can be printed immediately in-house or filled out from stock templates, so these can have an extremely quick turnaround. Managers who have stressed about receiving trophies on time for a big event appreciate not having to wait for awards to be shipped.
  5. Desirable to all. Even within a program, there can be many types of recipients, and they may not all have room to store various types of awards. No matter who the recipient though, everyone will have options for displaying their certificate. With all the different gift certificate styles, it’s possible to find an appropriate one for any occasion. And with Presenta Plaque’s options, managers can choose from presenting the certificates in pre-assembled plaques that they slip the certificate right into or kits that come with all the hardware and pieces needed to turn a certificate into a beautiful plaque.
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