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Business is naturally about the exchange of goods and services for a profit, which makes it easy for businesses to focus on the bottom line and nothing else. Company policies and the management in charge frequently lose sight of the human beings (we’ll call them employees) toiling away at the machine, making the wheels turn the profit. After all, if the final outcome is profit, does it matter how the company gets there? Yes, absolutely, and it’s essential to let employees know that they matter.

With record-breaking unemployment statistics in recent years, many companies have got it in their collective minds that they are doing their employees a service by hiring them in the first place. Shouldn’t the employee feel thankful to even have a job in this economy? But is that really the kind of mentality that you want your employees to have – that they’re merely lucky to have survived the latest round of layoffs? Certainly employees should have some amount of appreciation for the jobs they have, but employers should be thinking that they too are lucky to have their employees. That’s the kind of employee companies should want – the kind that does such fantastic work, the company would be sad to see them go.

Department of Labor statistics show that the number one reason for voluntary turnover is an employee’s lack of appreciation. Natural human instinct tells us that we need the satisfaction of knowing that our time and efforts are spent working towards something of value and meaning. If an employee doesn’t think that anyone even notices the work that they do, why do it? It’s incredibly rare for anyone to have a career that naturally fills them with joy and satisfaction, so it’s necessary to have the validation of a superior saying that they see the work done and appreciate the effort involved. This validation gives employees a sense of purpose and motivation that keeps them actively engaged in the day-to-day. Without that engagement, employees become disconnected from their work and from the company as a whole and are more likely to quit as a result.

When employees are constantly in and out the door, the company is hit with massive costs to find a replacement. Consider first the advertising costs and the time the HR recruiter spends on searching resumes. Then add to that the payroll hours of the person conducting the interviews and the amount of time that person is spending away from their other duties. And that’s all just in the process of finding applicants! That doesn’t even cover the costs of drug screens and background checks or any other pre-employment screening your business utilizes, or the costs of training.

Considering the value of productive employees and the astronomical costs of finding and replacing them when they resign, isn’t it best just to show them how much they’re appreciated? The more appreciated employees feel, the more they give back to the company with loyalty and longevity. Let Presenta Plaque help your company show appreciation for its employees. We can provide plaques for true achievements like “Employee of the Month” or even fun awards like “Most Untidy Desk.” Whatever your company desires or needs, we can help you find what works for you. Visit our website for more details, or give us a call us at 800-824-2930 to place an order.


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