Present Your Graduates’ Diplomas in a Beautiful Plaque!

by | May 8, 2012 | 0 comments

With the school year nearing an end, your educational district may be preparing for a graduation ceremony. Whether it’s for junior high, high school or college, graduation is an incredibly important time in everyone’s lives. As you may know, education is greatly valued by owner Maurice Fitzgerald, and he finds it crucial to not only support children, but challenge them in their education and schooling. With all the hard work your students go through, it’s a fantastic reward to receive a diploma.

As we highlighted in a blog post, “Recognition Basics,”, by simply placing the diploma you hand out to your students in one of our inexpensive and easy to use plaque kits, it provides instant value and an overall professional look. Not only does the plaque give the diplomas an instant wow-factor, they also make it super simple for the students and their families to proudly display their accomplishment for everyone to see, even after their graduation day is over.

All of our plaques are easy to assemble and are affordable. Stock up today so you have them ready to hand out to your deserving graduates!


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