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The Importance of Education to Owner Maurice Fitzgerald

by Presenta Plaque | on Apr 30, 2012 | 1 Comments

Presenta Plaque takes education very seriously, as the owner, Maurice Fitzgerald, is currently a proud father to three very talented and smart kids. When asked if he sees his children planning for a successful future, he responds, “Yes I do. They have great education, a strong appreciation of music, lots of community involvement and amazing work ethic (lots of homework)!” Maurice and his wife show their children support by participating in school functions, attending conferences and concerts, and providing them overall dedication and loyalty.

However, finding a school that your children will do well at isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s important to think about your child’s and family’s needs. A few things to consider would be your child’s personality and the needs and desires of both you and your child. For example, a quiet child might advance better in a smaller school or a school with small class sizes. If you have a budding musician or scientist, you’ll want to look for a school that offers programs in these areas. Maurice and his wife found a charter school that was the perfect match for their high school-aged kids (12th and 9th) and during this time, they have become very knowledgeable and skilled musicians!

Maurice Fitzgerald also shared that he and his wife are incredibly proud of the journey they’ve taken with their kids. “Our son will be attending Princeton University in the fall. Need I say more?” Although his wife secretly wishes New Jersey was closer to Arizona, they couldn’t be more thrilled for the future of their oldest son. Education is very much a huge part of the Fitzgeralds’ lives, not only so their kids can earn a living after graduation but as Maurice jokingly says, “to take care of us when we get old!”

School is nearing the end and graduation is just around the corner for many of you; in what ways do you feel you have been a role model to your kids and/or students? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page, we love hearing from all of you!

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