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Creative Ways to Show Appreciation

by Presenta Plaque | on Feb 28, 2012 | No Comments

We recently wrote a blog called, “Recognize Your Team”. It says that “rewarding team members for something they’ve done takes effort. Sit down with them and learn how they’d like to be rewarded.” We’re writing this blog to let you know that, besides rewarding them with a certificate in a plaque, there are other various creative ways to show appreciation!

  1. Host special parties during break time, such as a pizza party or ice cream social.
  2. Mail a handwritten, thank-you note to the employee’s home when they do something great.
  3. Mail birthday cards to their home and a card for their employee anniversary.
  4. Write your employees a personalized song! This may seem extravagant, but we’re positive it wouldn’t go unnoticed or underappreciated.
  5. When an employee does something beyond spectacular, send them to special events like wine tasting, an amusement park or the movies.

Getting creative can be a great way to show your employees you can have fun, but recognize that each person is different. The best reward is the unexpected one that shows your team you paid attention to them.

Have you ever received a creative award? We’d love to hear more ways to show your team appreciation. Share them on our Facebook page!

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