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Give Back to the Community

by Presenta Plaque | on Jan 02, 2012 | No Comments

Think about the best Holiday you have experienced with your family and how much joy you were filled with. Vacations, gifts, big dinners, and family games and movies are ways some families spend their holiday vacations.

Sadly, the holidays are also a time we start thinking about those who are unable to have what we do. It’s the season that you see more people volunteering at food banks, hospitals and even animal shelters.  There are a lot of toy and food drives happening that allow families to experience a better Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Doesn’t it feel good to see a smile on a child’s face because you gave them a warm meal and some new clothes?

Giving back is a great thing to do all year long, but the holidays tend to bring out the charitable side in most people. How did you brighten up this holiday season for someone else? The amount of joy that fills your heart is endless.  Here are a few ways you can give back during holidays:

  • Donate to a charitable organization
  • Invite an elderly neighbor or someone who lives alone to join your celebration
  • Deliver a meal to a family in need
  • Visit patients in hospitals
  • Send a care package to a soldier
  • Join a church or school group that does community service projects
  • Adopt a pet

Share your ideas for making someone else’s holiday a little brighter on our Facebook page. Did someone make your holiday better? Nominate them for “Presenta Plaque to your Hero!

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