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Presenta Plaque to your Hero

by Presenta Plaque | on Oct 28, 2011 | 8 Comments

Presenta Plaque exists for one reason- to make it simple and rewarding to recognize the achievements of your employees, co-workers, and people making a difference in your life and community. There are a lot of people in the world doing little things that make a big difference- people that we don’t ever hear about because it doesn’t make for a dramatic news story.

Is everyone familiar with “Tiny Fab Kidney?” The story is beautiful and inspirational. These two women started as Twitter friends and now share each other’s families.  When Presenta Plaque heard about this it was an immediate decision to recognize the selflessness and strength of Ms. Amy Donahue. We found out she was speaking at Social Media Breakfast so we took that opportunity to present to her one of our plaques. Read more about their incredible journey on their website.

Firefighters, policemen, nurses, doctors, teachers, parents and even your neighbor; they are all local heroes who have more strength and power than any super hero. Presenta Plaque wants your help in recognizing these individuals. We’re giving you the chance to nominate someone whose incredible actions should be recognized.  Send us an email with their story, we’ll do the rest! Presenta Plaque to your hero today!

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8 Comments to Presenta Plaque to your Hero

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